Hausa Homecity revealed by devs

Devs have just unveiled the Hausa Homecity. I see they are going to have archer and pikeman units, as well as the heavy cav with colourful pattern. I also see some drummer unit, maybe a healer or a unit that gives some sort of aura? Or maybe it is just a homecity model.


Looks cool and exotic. Very hyped. Instabuy for me at least.


Where did you find it my friend? I’m so excited about it!!!

It’s nice that African civilizations will be able to customize the Home City as well - just like the Indians, Japanese, Incas and Aztecs.


I’m so hyped for this expansion!


The devs hid pieces of a puzzle in the main page, we found them and they revealed the whole picture!


Hey, where is this screen from ???

I was looking at steamdb and there is nothing there.

Would you give a link to this?

[Puzzle] -? - :loudspeaker: News & Announcements - Age of Empires Forum

Scroll down till you see the dev post

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Here too:

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Thank you friend :smiley:

This picture makes up for the long wait for these DLC.


Thursday: Ethiopians
Friday: mystery civ?


The fancy heavy cav is the Yan Lifida Emergent Africa : Yan Lifida Armour

Saturday: mystery civ from free update
Sunday: mystery civ from free update
Monday: Adding a card on Steam and the ability to add this DLC to your wish list. Information about the approximate release date. Preorder?

Perhaps I’m a little too gung ho here but with the achievements and now these teases it would seem this expansion is dropping sooner than we think. August?


Then I’d have to decide between Dawn of the Dukes or this one to play. I think it will release in September, after DotD but still before AOE4.


August - Dawn of the Dukes for AoE 2
September - African DLC for AoE 3
October - AoE 4 premiere

AoE 1 - sad


Considering how impatient people are with updates for AoEII and AoEIII there just isn’t enough devs/studios involved to support all three games simultaneously. I shutter to think what state this game would be still in if monthly updates weren’t a thing.

I think they’re spread pretty thin as it is.


I think they should hire modders to create AoE 2 DLCs - many of them do a great job!

The creators could also spend the best-made mods as DLCs - their creators would earn a lot of money, and the game’s developers would have more people for other projects. They could put out compilation of the best mods.

In the case of AoE3, I think that it is better to let the developers handle the DLCs production. Creating civs for this game is much more difficult than for AoE 2.

thing about AOE 1 is that it is just archaic, even with the definitive edition the choices from the original game still haunts it to this day, it is just objectively a worse game than AOE 2 and 3.


True. Microsoft saw the number of players on the launch of AoEIIIDE and hope to regain some of those players back. There’s far more potential for II & III than I.