Hausa Unplayable?

Is it still worth playing hausa after the new patch? Happy the 3vills are back sad that the 4 vills had to leave. The lifidi nerf made them sooo weak. Rumfa’s riders is a wasted card lifidi should be available in age 2 already they are technically hussar with less attack and more hp and they cost 20 res more. We shouldn’t be having to pay for units if we choose a certain alliance that slows us down we already have a weak economy.
Our best unit is the maigadi but we can’t mass them ever because we have to use our influence for everything else, you want falcs first pay to unlock them, you want skirms pay to unlock them you want musks pay to unlock them… Is the Hausa still worth playing?


si te alias con los marroquíes puedes tener tiradores corsarios

the best unit is the fulani, still nothing beats mass fulani + javelin and some cav for tanking


I can think of 3 longbow, yumi inca archer… I’ve played hausa only since launch, don’t you think I’ve played every single combo already BTW lifidi has less hp they aren’t tanks they are considered trash

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Yes But pay before you can use them that’s alota time wasted.

The fulani has higher base DPS and hp then the bowman

edit: wrong on lb rof - for the Longbow it has better animation and speed

compared to the yumi its only 1 less attack then you equalise their ROF and the fulani is faster and also cost less and also have higher hp as well (their armour is lower but that just means they can survive more melee encounters)

they are also so wood cheap that just sending a single crate + hausa age up means that you can spam them non stop

add in some griots and what is stopping you

Lifidi still has more HP then hussars for the same pop, get free 10% shadow tech in age 3 and the ability to do splash damage in age 4, they are still plenty good at their role

wrong bows are superior to fulani they just cannot kite

Yes I said that their advatage is that they have better animation and speed (and base HP now that I think about it)

but that is a pretty big advantage for the fulani in micro focused skirm goon style build or skirm cav build

No one is going skirm goon with longbows

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anyway i wan explain something to you that you maybe dont understand
fulani base stats with fulani migrations

they still lose to lb because even with higher range and dmg they still do less dmg with an increased rof . If we had to make a tier list now ,Hausa would be z tier for sure. btw Fulani arent cheap they cost 105res vs lb 100 res atleast they should have better dmg atleast 13 cost thats still less than an xbow but 9 dmg wow xbow does 16 dmg have more health and are 25 res cheaper

Im sorry fulani z tier?

u do know they have 1.5 rof right? that is effectively 18 base damage when compared to xbow which has 16 base damage at 3 rof and they have higher multiplier vs heavy infantry as well

that is higher base damage then skirmishers

if they have 13 attack that would be having a 26 dps unit in age 2 that has 4.5 speed and instant firing animation, that is more busted then ashi.

vs longbows you have to micro since the longbows will keep on trying to reset their setup animation and die, you will die if you just sit there

that is not even accounting for the fulani griot combo which makes them run even faster and also reduce dps of opposing untis. like cav cant catch them cause their animation is canceled with the griots and they cant snare while u stutter micro away like SC2 marines.

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Fulani has 1.5 rof with migrations? bro look at the image they have 13 dmg long range attack with 3 rof. yes they do have 18 dmg vs a xbow because normal attack does 9dmg at 17 range with 1,5rof .
the longbow does 17dmg with 1,5rof at 22 range thats 34 dmg while i do what 18 ?
yes longbow cant kite but i cant kite them either lol they hav more range even with my speed i wouldnt be able to escape the second volley.

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i suppose i would be able to make them reset their animation at the cost of a card “fodio tactics”
that brings my range to 20 atleast i can escape their volleys maybe… I havent tried it yet

You almost never want to use the migration thing just take the base unit with fodio tactics, its 20 range with 1.5 rof and 4.5 speed ( higher with griots) its a damn beast on its own

you dont kite vs lbs you dive them, especially with griots

what do you mean dive ?

Get closer while constantly attacking, you have higher speed and better animation, the closer you get the or just dance around the more the firing animation is reset while you are constantly firing.

If you ever see longbows animation they pull back the bowstring and hold it until they lock on and release upon a target, if the target is shifting they find it harder to lock on.

Firing animation is important, there is an archer unit that is on paper extremely busted with 12 attack with 1.5rof, 5 speed, 110 hp with 30 range armour and also x2 against heavy infantry (also cost dirt cheap at 100 food) and also have 4 upgrade cards, also another +20% hp and +2 range but is rendered ineffective by the firing animation

this guy


I never play them honestly, after everybody was abusing them with that stpd rush.

They got the nerfs they deserved.

To show what standard fulani play looks like here is a sample 2v2 game around 1400 ish

Age with hausa and just spam

Fulani doesnt even fear cav

Fulani 2v2.age3Yrec (8.8 MB)

I know aenna I hit and run them they can’t return the favor lol

I will see this game later I don’t fear cav either :sweat_smile:

Their eco suffers you will go thru all your crate cards because you never really have enough vills