Have any microsoft representatives commented recently?

Seriously, where are the ratings? They really borked the launch of this game up. Where are the ratings? I get it. They made their sales mark(maybe) and don’t want to invest further, but this is bad for the reputation of the franchise and will hurt future games sales.

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That would be a terrible idea if they don’t want to invest further on a licence they already announced 3 other games…

Wait for the E3

Its very very very bad … no one expect this from Microsoft … they suck harder this time

I don’t think so.

U dont think what? U think now there is an AOE DE support?!?

As seen on aoeheaven forums,
-Rich Geldreich (was on FE working on DE, not now)

“I worked on Age DE, on multiplayer, pathing/movement, some of the graphics (like the water, AA, bloom), performance optimization, and out of syncs. The product had a lot of unexpected birthing pains and was several months late. The project was a lot more complex than anyone thought. I believe FE would love to keep updating the game, but unless the work gets funded nothing can really happen.”

On the Same Topic:
“AFAIK, nobody’s working on this product at the moment. That’s why the chat bug (which is probably like <1 day of work) still remains unfixed.”

"I really don’t believe it was a cash grab. I suspect MS has lost money on DE. I think they intended to reinvent the franchise and Age DE was seen (at first) as a quick and easy way to do that. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a lot harder and more complex than anyone expected.

It’s pretty obvious that damage is being done to the franchise here by MS not maintaining DE."


I also doubt it’s developers fault but it’s investors problem.

If Microsoft, who is crowded of money, wanted to invest more on AoE DE, which deserves it, it would prove to the AoE community that the franchise is followed and they would trust future AoE titles, which have been already announced.

Instead of that, Microsoft considered further investments on AoE too risky and they stopped all, and everyone will lose confidence in AoE franchise. If they are working on AoE DE 2, every one will riot that AoE DE experience will be the same on the 2… maybe they’ll try to hide it, but the damage will be done.

Edit : After other thinking, maybe it’s some developers fault, they couldn’t do that 1997 devs could do, I’m not talking of new features, but they failed on EXISTING features, that’s the worse. Maybe they try to reproduce the behaviors on an engine that was too hard to master, then I understand, but for a customer point of view, it’s not understandable : they couldn’t do in 2017 what others could in 1997 ? …

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Is a corporation after all.

Some people dont play anymore cause microsoft leave the game to is destiny … so the investement should be done 5 months ago… now is too late

Unless it comes with big patch, kind of an expansion to it etc and then before anything a proof that things work. Yes i agree.

What is frustrating though is that rather than just give it up to somebody else who might be capable of doing the job to maintain the game, at worse sell it or whatever, aren’t you giving up on updates ANYWAYS?

But instead they just keep it for themselves and let the game die. Greedy Microsoft. Way to kill a game that’s been alive since 1997. For a game that has stayed up for so long it SHOULD be a good long-term investment, the game has proven to work. Most of the games today last two or three months then it’s dead for good.

Without the release of Age of Empires: Definitive Edition the excitement with the original Age of Empires would have remained the same or declined. The announcement of Age of Empires: Definitive Edition brought more excitement and anticipation for the original Age of Empires than I have seen in many years. I would not be surprised to learn that the original Age of Empires community is more alive now than it ever has been before.

Microsoft keeps AoE:DE to themselves because that’s how intellectual property works. If it does not make sense to pour more investment into AoE:DE from a business perspective than it is better to stop development on AoE:DE so that excessive spending doesn’t impact the other definitive editions.

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But it’s an unfinished state. Do you think excessive disappointment on AoE DE1 won’t impact AoE DE2 etc. ?

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How many game breaking bugs are there right now? As far as I know the only game breaking bug with AoE:DE is the chat bug which the team said they are investigating. It is reasonable to expect a game update to resolve this issue in the near future.

There were a lot of community wish list items. Are you going to hold it against the developers and Microsoft for not incorporating every single request from the community? If you compare this game to the original release, there have been a lot of improvements made. It’s important to keep in mind that the original Age of Empires is the oldest Age of Empires game and it needed the most work to bring it up to modern standards. It will be much easier for developers to create AoE II:DE and AoE III:DE because AoE II:HD has been in development for years now and AoE III is the newest release with the least amount of work required to make it into AoE III:DE.

I know that a lot of cool stuff has been brought to AoE 1 experience but… what it’s hard to forgive, it’s all the features already included in AoE 1 and missing there. They removed color changing and Classic mode from multiplayer telling they wanted to test something and bring them back on release, it’s pretty sure just a boolean or something to switch on, it’s only an example, there are many things they promised, things I think of very little dev, but they just threw it as it was, the beta had more features ! It looks like unprofessional and doesn’t give good impression for things to come.

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I agree that if the developers would have been given some more time the game would be much more complete. A lot of time after release was spent resolving issues related to the Microsoft Store and the crashing of the game itself. I am hoping that lessons were learned from launching on the Microsoft Store for the first time which will not reappear for AoE II:DE and AoE III:DE.

THx rhrmn as usual u put the face where u arent guilty. The big problem for the aoe de community ( multiplayer part ) is a lobby and a not ranking system. I hope they dont do the same with other aoe ( that i think who bought aoe de dont buy anymore…) xboxlive is not a PC platform is born for a xbox content that’s totally different from what a pc player need, and btw i dont think that they finish $ to develop aoe de is a right excuse. We talk about microsoft, did u think that if windows 10 feature that u promise do somenthing dont work properly or dont do all what u promise they have money problem? THey should fix is an error of the starting project that should not impact to the player that buy the game… I think the problem is how they develop, probably if they wanna do a stable game, they should rewrite the game entirely and that not possible. I think that MS can do a patch for introducing a rating sistem that’s is in the initial project and is a feature that will be promise…

Yeah Thats the thing. We are talking like theres no way to fix these issues. With just a few patches the game would be actually a lot better. Its just some work. What really annoy me its that microsoft didnt even set support for like 6 months after release. with A small group of dedicated devs. like 3. Slowly we could get to the game we want. Ratings / lobby fixes (show on going games / friend list / chat rooms), actually improve the spectator mode… it isnt even about the speed of these fixes. It feels like it would never come.

I really hope that they’ll fix AoE DE 1 some day.

See Starcraft Remastered, it was like a beta at release, many problems, they have small team, but they keep telling things on the forum, they keep fixing things and bring new features, slowly, but the game improved since release.

Slow movement is better than no movement at all.

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