Help needed: How do I completely swap the colors of player 1 and player 2?

Hi there! I prefer playing as red all the time, so I want to just make player 1’s color red, so I can switch to it using the team colors any time I want.

So far I used the files in this folder: resources_common\palettes
I simply swapped the files labeled “playercolor_blue” and “playercolor_red”.

This resulted in the units being red as intended, however the UI stayed in blue. Healthbars, texts, minimap … everything is still blue with the exeption of the units themselves. So there must be another file to tweak these settings.

I tested this folder: resources_common\dat
Here I edited the file labeled “UiColors” and swapped the codes for red and blue. This didnt have any effect at all ingame.

Does anyone know what I am missing?