Hera is moving on

Hera’s thought on age 4 , and why is moving to… League (maybe he just doesn’t know how to play the game too?!):


that sounds like a bad omen. as the flaws of the game still in the game and not fixed makes even pros go away.


I think the dead ranked matchmaking is a problem for the absolute top players in pretty much any game. Rocket League has tens of millions of ranked players, and games are short, typically lasting around 8 minutes, but the top players still complain that ranked 1v1 is dead, and it can take them a very long time to find a game. At a more common level, though, certainly anyone below top 10% standard will find a game very quickly, so you can’t use the experiences of top players to infer that a game’s matchmaking is dead in a wider sense (not that Hera does this, I’m more talking about how people on here might extrapolate from what he says). It could well be that AoE 4 matchmaking does have issues in a wider sense, I’m not saying it doesn’t, I’m just saying it doesn’t necessarily follow from Hera’s experiences because there are other games that have almost instant matchmaking for most players while being dead for the very top players.


Yep, AOE4 is ruining AOE2 at the same time by trying to get the AOE2 pros by announcing bigger prize pool tournaments.

It’s like 2 rabbits with one shot.
I keep telling that AOE4 needs to fix the game and then announce tournaments. Otherwise, it will kill both AOE2 and AOE4 at the same time, or at the best, it will damage AOE2 competitiveness as a sacrifice.

What AOE4 tournaments are showing is just a broken game with unbalanced cheesy metas. And another thing is that tourneys delay updates and patches… Yea sad as… this.


It seems that streamers make more money than pro players (from winning tournaments). So the only way is to get more people watch the game on streaming services.
This means more players, which probably can benefit from introducing more civs (and they should be introduced ASAP before the game is completely dead if the investors wish to make more money). Also have more buffs, because people tend to come back and check the game if their favorite civ is buffed.
More tournaments if Microsoft is willing to pay. AoE4 on twitch have pretty meh view count unless there is a tournament. Having more tournaments will keep the streams alive. If people somehow obtains the habit of watching this game (even if just in the background), then the streamers will come back. I think the company will then make bucks in the long run.

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a shame. same problem with aoe3 de, so many total war and battlefield titles and cyberpunk. game was released too early and too buggy. needed a few more months polish and it could have been a classic right off the bat.

i would have been fine waiting. i think we all would. that it was released in the state it was in, without the polish needed has taken away so much of its potential.


Yes, the main situation is not so good.

They released it like they have no competition, which is laughable.

They act like 4x can’t compete, when it’s blowing aoe4 out of the water.

And with manorlords coming up, this might be the nail in the coffin to this franchise

Partially this is why I am so pissed!

I wait 10+ years for my favorite childhood RTS to have a fresh new game with new age graphics and destruction physics and all the works we see in these other AAA titles, but what do I get?

Age of Empires 2.2, with newly removed features!

They need to unrelease this crap and send it back to the conceptual stage if you ask me.


Ì feel youre pain m8. i wish there was something we could do

those who enjoy the game constantly attempted to communicate their concerns with the devs, but it just falls on deaf ears…

maybe management doesn’t give a fu… or CoH3 is getting all the attn.

it really sucks, as AOE4 has so much potential…

I assume if the spring patch is a flop, the game becomes a ghost town for the most part

Did you notice that there are TeamGames in aoe2, but TGs not even mentioned for aoe4.

The result of half game.

AoE4 has a lot of potential, the Spring patch will be the key to the direction of the game.


As a decade old COH player, COH3 really f–king sucks as what they show us in the alpha testing. AOE4 looks much more polished by still having a lot of problems.

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For what I understood on this video he is a player that has already got to the top and is simply looking for new challenges as he is backing from ladder games on aoe2 as well although he did explain well that the game has issues and things are moving too slow with the game.
The game is by no means bad, the core gameplay is fun, the design of the civs are really good.
I really hope the spring patch will bring this game up as the latest patches are moving the game in the right direction.

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I’m not that sure if “getting the game to twitch” is really a good idea atm. I’m streaming on twitch a lot, and whenever I play AoE there is a good chance I’m just cursing at the bugs because a unit gets stuck… AGAIN. I also usually play coop with someone a lot more vocal about his complaints… soooo… I don’t know if watching a stream would really incentivice you to actually go and buy the game until the developers get their ■■■■ together and fix at least the most blatant bugs.

He also stated he was frustrated on how slow the devs moved when (he) reported bugs / bugs were reported in general.

There are some very ridicolous bugs in the game currently that shouldn’t be in 3 months in.

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I agree with that. I don’t know what goes on with relic or Microsoft so I don’t want to be too critical but I agree that changes are coming a bit too slow.

Too slow… I mean cmon… you got french arbaletriers and their shield up (or whatever its called ability)
reads “+5 Armor”
If the unit has 0 armor (baseline) it gains 5 armor. Everything is fine.
Now if you have a blacksmith upgrade they got 1 armor baseline… and if you press the ability they still go to 5. So the ability is just “Set to 5” instead of “Gain 5”. How hard can it be to change either the ability or the tooltip… and even worse - the 2nd french landmark (Market) doesn’t seem to do anything to the trader gold while it promises to increase it by 30% :-/ Like… an entire landmark not working for months?!

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wow that one is not even listed in the bug pile tha relic have.

Chamber of commerce bonus works when the traders are on any ressource other than gold. Idk if its a bug or intended but either way, tool tip or landmark should be changed