Hera's unique units tierlist

Man Chakrams are right now too strong, mass them and you kill everything, try to do the same with gbetos or axemen…


And people here said Hussite Wagon was totally OP when in reality it’s just overpriced trash.
Just 11.


Janissary doesn’t fall in Imp because you don’t need Chemistry and you should have numbers from Castle age. In general Turks get free Chemistry but Handcannons are a fairly good unit the main problem is that they require Chemistry + they produce slow so often they are impractical to make.

full Champion from any civ, even a civ without Supplies beats it. Huskarls don’t trade very well vs Champions because they cost a lot by Goth’s standards.

Cause Hera have no clue about how overpriced serjeants are. He even admits he never plaid the unit basically since, you know, no one does

There is a difference in evaluating a unit in a vacum and in the perspective of their civ. Huskarl are strong as part of the goth civ being their main asset for how goth play, but maybe in another civ it would not be as dominant. Like the ghulam which is not an amazing UU in on itself, but become amazing when you realize it covers the main weakness of hindustanis, which is why they are getting nerfed

Starting from obvious ones. Ghulam is getting nerfed. It is too cost effective for what it does in castle age. How can a unit not be S-tier, and still require a nerf?

Ghulam feels S tier because both of its counters: Cavalry & infantry are countered by Hindustani’s Stier Camels and Hand Cannoneers. On its own, Ghulam is just a 45G unit that shreds Archers but dies to everything else, a one-trick pony

The same is the case with Shriv riders, Knights eat them alive but as Gurjara has amazing Camels they feel more powerful than they actually are


Thats absolutely wrong…Elite jans in equal numbers complately erase arbalest with or without micro…Even 40vs55 Jans still perish arbalesters…Eskirms are not direct counter to Jans as well. Jans are countered by siege onager heavy scorps and siegeram+Eskirms thats the way.Or if you can outnumber them by Paladins that would do too.
I had this argument way before…If you dont agree just invme via steam i can show you in game (Briton arbalest excluded)

Jans + Hussar just perish that composition so damn hard.Jans kill halbs way faster then halbs kill hussars…Also Jans only 2 shots ıf Arbalests last armor is missing ( most cases it is ) Other then that only 3 shot kills arbalester.
But yea Jans are not S tier at all.Its solid A tier unit.Because it cost food and shakes eco so hard also requires castle and civ is so reliant to them in most cases.

This sentence is incorrect. I watched Viper played with Janissary + Hussar against Arbalest + Halberdier + Siege Ram and Viper’s opponent dominated Viper’s Elite Janissary + Hussar. Opponent calls the gg after its gold run out but generic Arbalest + Halberdier definitely counter Jan + Hussar. Heavy Cav + Hussar is clearly better combo than Janissary with whatever.

They are non-elite jans are so few…
Just add me via steam and let me show you what it is.
Just win me 60vs60 with arbs against elite jans and i will delete my acc from forums :wink:
Also if can kill more then 25 jans in these numbers i will also say ‘‘sorry i know nothing about this game’’ 11
Lastlt score will be even more Turks favor with EJans+Hussar vs Halbs+Arlst
There are mighty difference between elite vs non elite jans .
Finally the way Viper uses his jans are pretty wrong in the game you have posted.
Open challange for anyone who thinks 60 vs 60 arbs win against ejans :smiley:
But i still agree Jans are Solid A tier not S tier.

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I think the new shatagni HC perform similarly against arbs.
The extra range and pierce armor helps a lot.


They are Elite Janissaries. In 29:44, Viper touched one of them and 50 hp 22 attack is seen. Why you think they are non-elite. Non-elite Janissary kills Halb and Arbalest a lot slower.

Using 60 Janissaries is stupid idea. It is equal to 50 Paladin cost and half of the damage Janissaries bring, goes to overkill. Janissaries is already very weak against Onager shots. Using 60 Arbalest plausible on the other hand. It is cheaper, which is equal to 40-45 Janissaries and it doesn’t have overkill problem.

Tell me, what is the correct way to use Janissaries.

In general, in Imperial Age, Janissariy is too expensive and too fragile unit. That’s why no one use them. Hindustanis HC is better than Janissary btw. Even Hindustanis HC isn’t considered as a very strong unit. It is above average at best.

Wrong some people use them especially in close maps.

sry didnt notice.

45 Jans can erase 60 arbalester.Also jans cant be countered by eskirms while arblts can easyly be.Arbst can kill Heavy Cavarly but Ejans perish them.Problem is Ejans require castle and food…Thats big problem.But as an unit alone Ejans are 5 times better then arbalest against allmost all scenerios.

He doesnt use STAND GROUND option (which is vital with Ejans cuz of zero frame delay and high imput dmg low accuracy) Also few jans are useless you need to use them in numbers like minimum of 25-30

Expensive yes but not that fragile.50 HP is more than arbs also Jans have +2 melee armor.

It is arguable…Hındustani HC requires UT to be reliant.Also still 22 dmg is gore.And Again in same numbers Jans perish them as well.But i would prefer both depending the situation.For example against Heavy Cavarly still Ejans are perfect shot.

When unit numbers exceed 40-45 nearly all ranged units have same problem.But Ejans low accuracy helps then quite a lot because %35 of bullets spread and they deal 11 dmg (+1 of arbls dmg 11 )

Another wrong thing…60 Ejans can erase 50 or sometimes with nice micro 60 FU Paladins as well that is something arbls never can do

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This is something that you can never dream of by using arbalesters :wink: 11

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I will test it out.I will send you results.

Both Arbalest and Elite Skirmisher counter Janissary. Janissary has more chance against Arbalest, it is true but Arbalest eventually beat Janissary. 45 Jans is destroyed by 60 Arbalest.

Your testing method is wrong btw, you are gathering 60 Janissarry into small ball, thus 60% of Janissary shot against Arbalester while only 30% of Arbalest shoot to Janissaries. Of course,in this condition, Janissary can kill Arbalester. Use same method to 60 Arbalester, you will see that Arbalester will kill Jans even better than your test.

Thats weird 11 Because i just tested as you have said . Now 42 Jans alive over 60 11
Come then pls show me 60 arbs beats 60 jans i beg of you :wink:
Here is the challange i will use 50 Ejans you can use 60 Arbst or 60 Eskirms if you kill my jans i will say u are right and wont write anything again :slight_smile: (Britons Arbs excluded they do decent job against Turks)

Why would it be 60 vs 60? Or even 60 cs 50.

Archers cost 70 resources and jans 115

If you had 60 arbs you could only afford 37 jans. And that doesn’t even account for the fact that wood and gold both gather much faster rhen food does.

Nice job biasing your tests heavily in favor of the jans

Because that was the point.Someone said Ejans are hard countered by archers and eskirms.And i said no in equal numbers Ejans erase them.They said no they can’t ( i am playing this game more then 20 years maybe i know what is what allready ) I made out a test without micro Jans erased them much easy.But normally in-game experience when i go jannies i allways erase eskrims&arbst (snowball effect)That was why i showed him finally but he didn’t believe.

Thats absolutely true.

That wasn’t the point in argument.Also Jannies requires castle and their having food cost make them quite hard to produce.But as a invidual unit like being said Jannies are better then Arblts.Hera thinks Jans A tier . I agreed. Some ppl things Jannies S tier i said no they are not cuz they are so EXPENSIVE. But worth afford.

No man in past they werent that strong. Especally Turks were like auto-lose but now i think they are solid civ.And line Mangudais and Conqs Jans do GREAT things when microed ( i remember my own game agasint MembTV he was Cuman i was Turk i have erased like 200+ Paladins with only Ejans )

These test are done to show how these units can be deadly strong when in numbers thats all.