Herbal Medicine in Feudal Age

I suggest that Monasteries be buildable in Feudal age with only the ability to use it for research until castle age - this will be a soft buff to monk rushes - 3 techs would be available in Feudal age - Fervor(15% faster speed), Sanctity(+50%HP) and Herbal Medicine - the main bonus for civs with Herbal Medicine is the ability to heal their units faster in Feudal age which would be a large bonus to many civs including meso civs - if that’s too weird for the monestary to appear earlier- I suggest the Herbal Medicine be transferred to the Town Center/Market/Barracks

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I disagree completely and this change would make the game worse. Especially for people trying to fight aztecs and lithuanians


then transferring herbal medicine to the Town center/barracks or market would be the route to go to not buff monk rushes in that regard

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Still not a fan of it at all. Essentially considering what it does to teutons

I’d be up for removing the free herbal meds if this was a feature tbh - can be switched for something else - like free redemption or another tech/bonus - like treadmill/masonry/ballistics or along those lines

I think removing herbal medicine entirely. Extra healing is occasionally quite useful but almost never worth the investment (or at least most players think so). Maybe removing it and make healing gradually increase each age? And for Teutons that increase can be doubled for example like the tower garison space


Herbal medicine does deserve to exist, especially since now it can be situationally relevant. But why would you need it in feudal age? Feudal age units are all low-quality (it’s feudal age after all) so trying to heal them is just a loss of time. The best use I could think of is if you tried to use archers or skirms to defend, but it’s worse than just adding more army, and all the time you spend inside your TC/towers is just leaving them time to go castle age safely and anihilate you with castle age units.

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personally I’d use it in a 5-man stone camp+ tower single/double rush - as a home base for forward units to continue their attack from and cycle out the injured for hardier units and steal a stone pile in the process

Monks are fine starting from castle age. We dont really need them already in feudal age.


it would be without the ability to create monks in feudal. (if the monasteries were the way to go)

I feel like some civs would be too strong with this healing effect especially knight civs. Berserkergang costs a bit to get something as good or even worse for free would be a bit much for instance if your facing Frank’s and he attacks picks off a few Vils and runs away. Civs like cumans would be broken with hit and run especially with step lancers. The game is very balanced around making it hard to heal units or not worth it to do so unless small numbers as aoe can be very snowball-ey take one good fight and free healing even if slight would be tough I reckon. Also if people can hit imp get cav techs in early with cav and attack run away and not lose almost any units while halving opponents knight numbers could be crazy op of a mechanic to heal afterwards games

You would still need a castle to do that with knights, and the healing should gradually increase till imperial age. The point was to make it a bit weaker than with herbal medicine but still worth it to spend time to heal your units

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I dont really know why we already should have this techs in feudal age. Sanctity and Fervor are Monk techs, but you wont have acces to Monks. Having techs only for units you dont have sounds strange to me. So you end up with a building that is only usefull for one tech, which is already not really worth the investment. Building a monastry in the feudal age just for this tech seems a completely waste of resources in almost all scenarios.

In the end i just dont see any reason why we should want this to change.


Oh derp I thought you meant base healing outside castle :joy:

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Disagree. Some tech almost never worth does not translate that tech need to be removed. It would be useless 99.9% situation. But 0.1% situation (or whatever number), it can be a game-deciding factor (As we can see in one of the tournament final last year.). The healing speed locked behind the tech can also make decision to players to research or not, which make game more interesting and in-depth. Tech should be given by some cost, not by free.
Also, buffing base healing rate buff Cav civs, which is definitely not needed and also Teutons don’t need imperial age buff.

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Let’s move Herbal Meds to the Town Center - it’ll be an extra cost in Feudal age if one feels it’s worth it so it won’t be over powered and would cost vill time/age time alongside the usual cost -

If that cost is too much - buying the tech at the market/buying herbal meds/ would make sense as well.

Can I ask what would be the point of this change?

To allow units to have the ability to be meaningfully healed in Feudal age - offensively it would mean garrisoning in a forward tower/ it would allow a consistent offensive/defensive in certain situations if used correctly

When rushing it just feels wrong to me that the units get hurt and have no venue to be healed in a decent manner and just fight until they die - I would rather cycle out injured troops so they can be useful later

make a monk and send them back. That’s what even high level players usually do to squeeze out more value from knights

If you go towers you usually have go for infantry, which value goes down quickly after reaching feudal age because you are usually playing man at arms. There’s literally no point in healing them since whatever the opponent is gonna make would just kill them.
The other units that usually follows towers are pikes, who are there just to be boring, skirms, and usually the same goes for them, or archers, who shouldn’t take damge in the first place since you need them to be garrisoned and win the tower fight for you.

This is simply pointless. Make a couple of monks and sends back injured units if you wish, but there’s no point in doing these changes given:

  • monk rush doesn’t need to be buffed. It’s perfectly fine as it is, since you do dumb uptimes to make monks (24/25 pop fc) and they absolutely do not need the extra hp/speed already researched since the other player has make scoutrs in order to keeep him blocked as long as possible. Given the rng of monks extra hp would make it dumb, since they’ll have a better chance to convert scouts without dieing
  • almost no one researches herbal medicine. it can be useful situationally (eg: healing up a big paladin mass faster). no one would research it instead of making vills, no one would research it since il delays big time your castle age (350 gold it’s almost double the cost of castle age) and it would be an all around useless change

There’s no point in doing it


We’re talking about feudal age - no monks