Herbal Medicine in Feudal Age

There is no point in herbal medicine in fuedal age you have no high hp Strong units worthy of healing in fuedal and if you get herbal medicine in fuedal that’s just shocking play because almost any other way of spending is better so the system won’t be changed to accommodate a useless time for the tech in an age that no one will use it

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Do you think the cost is too high for the tech?

I would personally consider a more in-feudal approach with the tech - without it I’m just going to go castle without more than 3-6 total military aside from the scout

As I have already explained, there’s no point in investing 350 gold in such a useless tech in feudal


So you’re saying the tech is over priced?

Herbal medicine is just far too expensive for feudal.
You don’t have as much units and most of them are vills. You want your vills working, not garrisoned.
And you only have tcs and towers for garrisoning, too.

It’s just a waste at that stage of the game.

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I’m saying that there’s no point in getting in getting it in general unless some very specific situation, that there’s no point in moving it to feudal because the only unit worth healing have low hp and you are supposed to micro them and that 350 gold for a useless techs in feudal is absolutely bonkers.

There’s no point in the change you proposed outside your fantasies like this one:

Which simply wouldn’t even work. By the time you do this your opponent would be in castle and you’d be dead


your lack of experimentation disturbs me.

reducing the tech’s price for feudal costs would be very doable.

if you want to try it you can set up a trigger in a scenario editor and test if it would be worth it for your (very special) playstyle.

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I take that insult personally.

even if the price was halved no one would spend 175 gold on a tech that would heal at best 2-3 man at arms or archers and that’s considering you have good micro to pull your units back at the right time and not taking the town center research time into account which is very important in feudal age. You can make it 50 gold in feudal and instant research and still nobody would bother picking it up in feudal it is simply not a good tech for feudal age


I wouldn’t even pay a quarter for it in fuedal age

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it opens the possibility of a good sized aggression while keeping units fresh when staying in feudal overly long

I find disturbing the fact that you can’t see why this idea doesn’t make se4nse in the slightest, but to each one his own.

Instead of changing literally everything to make it work for you, try to imagine how it would work in a real game even if the cost was halved. No one would get it because you’d be wasting 175 gold for nothing, gold that your opponent would be investing in a faster castle age timing

depends on the strategy - and there’s allot of those / as for the cost it can be changed to the point it’s still a decent cost while still being worth it.

but maybe your strategy is just bad if you would need to completely override the structure of the game to make it work?

Maybe your strategy is good, but then you also don’t need any help from the devs, do you?

my strategy is still in the process of development. that’s all.

But you can’t just demand game changes for your own single off-meta strat that, atm isn’t performing.
And if it would be good strat you wouldn’t need any external help from the devs.

So either it’s a good strat, then you can greet us from the top of the ladder sometime without any help from the devs.

Or it’s a bad strat and you just try to safe it by demanding changes (which also wouldn’t safe your strat btw).

Just realized I said castle age earlier - reminder that it’s to be meaningfully healed in feudal*

Demand is a strong word - suggestion at best / you seem to be taking this far too personally - as for your comment on my strat which is off topic, just stop. I hate having to explain my theories constantly and to have my strategy belittled when it’s still growing and developing - I hate that. So stop. / it’s performing decently enough with my meager abilities.

Herbal Medicine is a great tech which lets you refill troops HP really fast especially in a castle - unless its huge HP units like Paladins or elephants - and therefore is really a worthy tech in general. Even in feudal age I can imagine that it could be worth it if I had to pay only 175g.
But you will also need either TC time if it can be researched in the TC or have to spend wood for the monastery if you could build a monastery in feudal age - with only herbal medicine researchable I guess?

Imagine you are on the defense in the base and have 10 skirms and some archers - many of them are low HP from another fight. Putting them into the TC for a short while to refill the 35 HP has some value if you now have 10 full HP skirms and/or archers. Each lost Skirm is like 60 ressources so it pays back fast

Same with vills who get harassed and have to hide in the TC. After not much time they are full again and can handle the next raid better.

I’m not saying that we need that tech in Feudal age but that it is a worthy tech for sure. But giving up TC time for it would be massive and therefore not many would really use it in my opinion. In castle age it is great.
If they bring the tech into feudal age thats fine for me but I would probably not use it because of the drawbacks (TC time or Monastery). Having it on Teutons for free without the need to first make a Monastery is a nice thing and I used it a lot.
But if that tech is available in Feudal age that would be in my opinion massive for Teutons if they instantly get it for free in feudal.
Every time when you have to retreat you put your skirms/archers into the TC or a tower and they are full again soon (36 HP per min)

@HealFortress - I enjoyed watching you play the Teutonic Fortress Tactics and also tried it a few times against the Extreme AI and Barbarian AI with some adaptations. One has to be open to all tactics and try to figure out if you can learn something from it.
And preservation of units obviously is very strong if you use it right with the healing stuff.

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