Here are Some Close-up Pictures of Units, I wish you'll like it

Hey guys, I’m here to provide you with some close-up pictures of AOE4’s units, just help yourself.

If you want to see them clearer, just click on those pictures.


Abbasid Dynasty

By the way, here I would like to mention a bug that if you have already upgraded the archer to the Elite level and then selected the Incendiary Arrows option, the archer’s weapon will suddenly change back to the original version, even if the Abbasid upgraded the composite bow, this BUG still unavoidable.
Yeah I’m just using the Abbasid as an example here, in fact This bug is very common in multiple civs.


Byzantium would be here if it were published, I hope to see that day soon.


Maybe somebody will find that the weapon of Chinese spearman is different, that’s because the originally completed Chinese characteristic spear wasn’t load in the game, so I had to make a tuning package to solve it.
I can detect this error because the correct weapon that wasn’t loaded will suddenly flash out when the spearmen charge or crouch. Actually, this BUG also occurred in other two civs, I don’t know when they can fix it.


Delhi Sultanate

I have seen some topics saying that Delhi isn’t the true Indian civ. Well I guess they chose the sultanate only because it was the most powerful country in the Indian region during the historical period of the game.
Never mind, let’s look forward to the next Indian civ.



English, a civ that can play in any match. Fortunately, they may not look flashy, but still looks brief and robust. To be honest, I quite like this style.
However, I still want to mention one thing that makes me laugh, the king is holding a zweihander in single hand! Damn, how tough is this guy.

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I thought the French might be the most sumptuous civ, they has gorgeous Royal Knight, and the most consummate cannon in this game. Perhaps the only thing the French lack is the arquebus.

By the way, the French also suffered the BUG of the flashing spear weapon, the originally completed French characteristic spear has not been loaded. I think this is a great pity and I have already submitted a BUG report. I hope this issue can be fixed as soon as possible because I have wait this for too long.

Oh, of course the best situation is they provide every civ with characteristic spear model, I am looking forward to it.


Holy Roman Empire

Honestly, I don’t really like the MAA swing weapon with two hands, because it makes me feel less safety. However, HRE may be the most heavily armored civ in the entire game. Look at their horseman after age3, his armor looks no less than a real knight! And it’s also similar for the spearman of HRE, his plate armor looks superior than many civ’s MAA.

How about we ask friend who never play this game about which of these two is the heavy armor unit?



All good, especially for Malian donso which will never suffer the BUG of spearman’s weapon .
If there’s anything that really makes me feel weird, it’s the weapon of musofadi, I thought a anti-armor unit should be equipped with weapons like hammer or axe, but not a single blade sword that seems ineffective for armor. Perhaps the true Malians are located in a relatively closed location, so they don’t need to counter the armor of foreign civs. Sorry, I really don’t know much about this nation.



The Mongols are the last civ which have the characteristic spear model and suffer flashing BUG of spearman’s weapon. Come on, solve it quickly, I’m tired of talking about these things.
It is worth noticing that the age4 models of the Mongols doesn’t seem to have much differentiation. But it doesn’t really matter. After all, Mongols units also looks very cool, especially their lancer and MAA, their oriental lamellars are awesome.



It’s seems that Ottoman is the most ferocious civ in this game, the great bombard looks luxury and fierce. It’s also possible that the Ottomans have been very tough this season LOL, well forget about the balance, it’s nothing to do with this topic.
All in all, the Ottomans are also very cool, I really like their arquebus.



I have to say, taking photo of Rus’s units is really troublesome, just because the militia can’t hold much longer when posing. LOL
But I still really like this civ, the BGM of the Rus and the shot of streltsy is really excellent which always raise my spirits.

Okay, that’s all. I wish you’ll like it.

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I forget how bad Rus MAA and Knight looks. The Knight features some super-saiyan shoulderpads and no armour on his horse besides drapery. The MAA is so visually incoherent I can’t even tell what it is meant to look like. Too scaled down for the details to show. They went too hard on fur with them as well, would’ve liked to see more armour.

The Spearman bug is unfortunate. Takes away a lot of the appeal of units, and it is such an easy fix too. Would’ve liked to see the Militia’s weapon be used by Rus Spearman too.

Oh and Rus Streltsy has the most bugged animations in the game, I’m pretty sure. When they shoot, they are meant to use their Axe as a stabilizer–but it just floats in the air and doesn’t connect to anything. Then it floats back into their hand, with no animation in between. And if you try to run after shooting, they will carry both the Axe as well as their weapon in the same hands (they’re only meant to carry one with their hands at a time).

It is unfortunate, Rus really cool buildings and walls, but it feels like they completely rushed their units models, animations and textures.


Yep, when I looked at the units of RUS, I was thinking Damn they really love their fur and beards. I’m not sure whether the Rus people in history also liked fur so much.

As for the spear model, this issue appears very abrupt because the spearmen often appear in large groups in game, and you had to use them in that way.

And…the animation, unfortunately I don’t know how to modify animations with tuning packages, and I haven’t been able to find relevant tutorials.
Also, we can’t rely on tuning packages forever, which is what Relic should deal with.

Amazing, thanks for the pictures!

Glad you like them, is there anything else you wanna see?


It is actually a 3 second fix xD
The devs are just doing something else
They don’t care about aesthetics


Do you mean Great Wall Gatehouse?What’s happened on it?