Why leave such a ridiculous visual BUG aside for so long? (Especially it's very easy to be fixed)


Just as shown in the video, spearmen’s weapon are flashing between two forms: guisarme when standing or marching, poleaxe when charging or crouching.

And be advised the same bug also happens to spearmen of Chinese and Mongolians.

In fact, there are three file paths for spearmen’s weapon. Models from different path are loaded when the spearman was standing or charging.

The reason for this visual BUG is: French, Chinese and Mongolian had spears with national characteristics in the very beginning. But later, Relic roughly unified the spearmen weapons of all civs into guisarme. Then you can see how reckless they were, they only changed the weapon model when the spearman was standing.
Now you know why the spearmen’s weapons were flashing.

I can guess why Relic unified the spear model, probably they were trying to highlight the level of spearmen by this.
However, personally speaking I really don’t need this.
The color of helmet is enough to highlight the level, and weapon model doesn’t help much.

So just change it back, I don’t even wanna call it a BUG if those weapons are not flashing, this is more an operational mistake.
I don’t know if they will fix this problem after spear models with the characteristics of all civs been maked (To be honest, I have no confidence in whether they are doing this work). But at least you shouldn’t let those weapons flashing! That’s ridiculous, seriouly.
Once you find this visual BUG, you can never fail to pay attention to it.

To solve this problem, I made a tuning pack which some people may have seen it.
But that is not enough, that’s means you can’t use another tuning pack after fixing that visual mistake. Also, you can’t use tuning pack in quick match or ranked game.
It’s really inconvenient!

I have no interest in bragging about my mod here. On the contrary I prefer this mod doesn’t need to exist at all!
And I’m not calling for an overhaul of the model in order to make the game absolutely historical.
All what I ask is to change the weapon model of French, Chinese and Mongolian back to the previous form.
At least, you shouldn’t let them keep flashing!
(Perhaps they were worried that the Mongol spearmen did not have a golden helmet model to distinguish their level. Fine, how about we fix this on the French and Chinese first?)

This is not hard at all, you can even do it with only a tuning pack.
Please do not continue to ignore such ridiculous visual BUG, it’s really uncomfortable to some people.

Thanks for your attention.

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Lol, I have 400+ hours in this game and never noticed this bug. I agree there are a lot of things that ruin the immersion in this game, like static animals in the buildings (chickens and horses). Even AOE 2 has dynamic buildings, a notable example are the mills, with donkeys in dark age and spinning waterwheels for Japanese/Koreans etc. I doubt this will be fixed any time soon since this is probably very low on their list of priority issues.

As a side note, zooming in always reveals how amazing the sound design in AOE4 is. The music and sound effects are great. Immersion is really let down by other graphical and visual aspects of the game. Sad.

Yeah, we’ve had similar experiences.
It took me about a month to notice this bug, however, since I noticed this BUG, I can’t ignore it anymore.

I know that the level division of the Mongol spearmen may indeed be relatively difficult to resolve, but that’s really no reason to let French and Chinese spearmen’s weapons flash for so long.
Damn, I guess I’ve been waiting a year.

Is that really so hard to fix?
It doesn’t even need to be re-modeled at all; the French and Chinese characteristic spear model is readily available.

I’m not sure if the tone of my post was bad or if they were really busy this season, maybe I’ll have to come back and remind them again next month.

All good…just busy! This one is indeed low on the list, but I’ll give it a bump. Thanks!