Here we go? New DLC?

Just speculating ^^, may just be something about co-op campaigns


Are you talking about the Beta Owners PrePurchase enable DLC? Or one of the greyed out ones?

The first one. It looks like when they added Dukes dlc (Prague) and Lotw (Palermo). But now it says Porto


Ok, maybe there will be a new DLC.

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Porto what though? Porto from Portuguese? I really cant think of any new civ that is built around a place called Porto. Maybe its an African DLC but it may as well be the Dutch or Tupi


The only city I know of that can be defined as “Porto” is the city of Porto in Portugal.

Could it have something to do with the Portuguese voyages of exploration perhaps?

DLC dealing with India theme? or Africa? or Chinese? Oceania maybe?

Of all these ideas the one that appeals to me the most is the concept of an Indian DLC.


Could just mean prototype for something.


They would have called it proto then


Tbh maybe an African DLC with civs that interacted with Portugal makes the most sense since you could include the Portuguese-Ottoman war. I am a bit fearful that we are getting Dutch though


It is likely to be an African DLC, however, I think an African Kingdoms 2.0 DLC using the Portuguese as leverage would be repetitive.

Portugal in their time were the best explorers in the world, although sometimes the Portuguese are criticized for their inclusion in AoE 2 I consider that they are a necessary addition for having been an economic and naval power in the XV and XVI centuries.

As I remember these are the Portuguese appearances in the campaigns:

Bayinnaung (Burmese)
Sforza (Italians)

However, I also remember that they were mentioned in the historic battle of Kyoto because it was the Portuguese who sold them firearms.

Another detail to take into account is that the Portuguese had colonies in India from the beginning of the 16th century to the middle of the 20th century.


Eh tbh Portuguese really have to be a major part if they have their name there and only real options I see for that is Africa, the Ottomans, Dutch or Tupi. India is awesome but they arent as closely related to Portos.

Tbh I dont think Portos were necesary simply because they are too closely related to Spain and both did more or less the same things well. Yeah Spain may have been more cav heavy and Portuguese better at the navy but they are still a lot alike

Portuguese in goa/india is already covered in the portuguese campaign right?

My theory ( and hopes ) is that title refers to Porto-Nova and first new civilization is Beninese.
DLC has 21 achievements - much more than LotW and DotD (16), so maybe 3 new civilizations or 4 new campaigns.


I think it’s a coop related tgibg which included ports campaign

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Nice catch!

Portuguese for their colonialization pattern would mean:

  1. African DLC: Congo, Bantu (Swahili) and Benin.
  2. India DLC: India tripartite struggle so Bengal, Dravidians, Hindu.
  3. A mix of the above: Congo, Dravidians and then Swahili or Bengals/Hindu.

They had colonies in these three main areas of India and Africa.

Also, judging by the previous release schedule, this might come in three months or more unfortunately.


As someone mentioned in the reddit, in Benin there is a town called Porto-Novo. There is also a town called Porto-Amboim in Angola. So it will be an Africa DLC most likely.


Pure speculations, let’s just wait and see.


Yeap. That’s what we’re doing here. Trying to guess. Thanks.


And I guess that all of these guesses so far are wrong :smiley:


Shut up and take my money!