Here's how to get rid of AOE2 DE censor entirely:

I think it could indeed the reason, but i have never read some statement from Microsoft or one of the other devs about this choice. Both links speak about games in general. AoE II isnt mentioned.

All of this is nice, but no matter what, skeletons are in the game, and the censor doesn’t work in Chinese so this is pretty much irrelevant.

of all the games you could say, (WK, UP)

Why HD? HD is still a bad port no matter if DE is good or bad



Can anyone who used this confirm it’s still working?
Seems to be not working anymore

Let me copy what I posted on AoEZone after the update:

Bad News Everyone!

As of the new update (July 21), the original method I showed no longer works!

This is because the chat filter now sends requests to
instead of

You cannot block specific URLs in the hosts file, only whole domains.
If you want, you can do this:

It will work, HOWEVER, it may also interfere with other functionality. For example, it prevents you from browsing mods on the Age of Empires website. It may also mess with other things too that I haven’t found yet.

If someone has a clever and user-friendly way to block requests to a specific subdomain, please let us know!


Maybe a script? It kinda messes with System32 files, but having two quick block/unblock scrips could totally help. Use the “block” script before opening the game, then the “unblock” script when you need to browse different stuff. All it does is replace/rewrite the file.
Maybe Overwolf allows for this kind of shortcuts? this would make the process of turning censor on/off almost painless.

Changing it on the fly with a simple script is actually a valid possibility. Still a nuisance, but doable. The hosts file is just a simple text file, but you do need admin rights to save edits. Ideally you would have it just edit that entry each time.

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until the update the game to use different address.

looks like I guessed it from few months back. now it’ll be another address in a few months.

Kind of a d i c k move if you ask me.
Why can’t we just choose whether we want something or not?


Seems like the devs want to have a working censor for some reason i cant explain. Otherwise they wont have fixed this workaround.

Also in game. It just loads forever.

This is bad.

So, just everyone must use a censor system.

Any of the devs care to explain why?

And if you are gonna give me reduce toxicity, just look at COD lobbies

Lol. Pathetic. It is exactly as I predicted what would happen. But wait! I found a new way of communicating, taken straight from the AoE reddit:

Stop supporting AoE2DE. Don’t play games that enforce censorship upon you especially when it is so extreme you can’t even type simple totally harmless words. Don’t lower yourself to their level. Don’t buy their future games. Don’t fool yourselves and comply with these idiots.


It would be like abusing a deaf person. 11

That’s actually a bad idea.
You want a game to be fixed you gotta keep pressure.

tbf, these are being fixed and have been fixed for the most part.

But again, this is not a good strat for the devs

Oh, are they? Because yesterday I tried typing to my friends “lol bot was ahead of you” and it got censored. Like really? This censor system is a joke. Even if I manage to type something in the chat and it doesn’t get censored, it is shown with such delay that I thought I have problems with internet connection. As much as I appreciate everything that devs do, this and limited time events are cancer of this game.


Has there ever been any statement to WHY we have a mandatory chat filter?
This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen in a game, even if it worked well (which of course it doesnt) and I really would like to see what the official statement regarding this is.


Nowhere I said fully fixed. Literally even I hate the censor ■■■■.

You’ve been asking people to leave the game since day 1, so not you mate, not you.
You are the one smoking here.
Since I remember you were being “don’t buy from MS” since maybe a month after the release of the game.

They improved it, it still is bugged and I don’t agree with it’s existence, but they did something.

Same here.

The community is what kept this game alive for 20 years. Without this community many things would never happen. So, you can hate MS all you want, but not the community that has nothing to do with the development of DE


I’m closing this topic because there has been too many attempts to circumvent the word censor on the forums which is against the forum code of conduct.