Here's how to get rid of AOE2 DE censor entirely:

The topic is here:

For those who need to see it here:

Navigate to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc

Open the hosts file with Notepad

Add a new line at the very end, with the following:

Save changes

Use Notepad++ to edit that file easily.

Note: It will only disable them for you, others need to do this to allow you to see their messages.
Note: This also disables the chat delay.

Credits: @CactusSteak2171 for showing me this

Edit: As @HenryTheLion123 mentioned, kudos to @Zetnus for the original idea


Also credit to @Zetnus for figuring it out

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At first sight this is a great solution, but there is a serious drawback:

Currently when player writes something and it gets censored, then he will know that it got censored and can try again with different wording. After using this solution though he will never know, which of his messages got censored for other players. So he doesn’t even know, which messages he should rewrite in order to avoid loss of info in communication.

Player can only use this solution without loss of info when other players are using the same solution, but how many players are really going to use it?


That’s why it’s good that it got posted both here and on Reddit (and also somewhere else, hopefully). This way this will happen as little as possible. Also, people tend to ask other players to reformulate if they received a censored message.


20 years, 3 games, and the tradition of fans fixing this game still didn’t died.
Thanks man


when will they tone down the censoring? Are we 12 years old or something?


When will de devs implement this into the game so we can get rid of the filter?


Hopefully in the next patch the devs can introduce that line into all players hosts files. Problem fixed… /s

Devs will probably not be happy about this discovering.

I don’t think so,
Otherwise, they’d never tell us signing out of XBox live would reduce it.

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Microsoft probably forced this on them/us, so I doubt many of the devs mind.


idk why they decided to make the game kid-friendly with fast decays, no skeletons and the whole censor thing.

At least give us the freedom to choose.


So I did what was suggested to turn off this awful censoring by adding:

To my hosts file.
The question is, can someone create a batch file that anyone can download and does it for them? That would be great.


My guess is: China.
games with skeletons can not get trough the chinese game censoring regulations nowadays, so they did this in order to sell there.
propably similar reason with the chat?


That would cause a false positive by Antiviruses

until the update the game to use different address.

I don’t think they will change it.

Cause the censor is still there. As long as there’s no exploit to remove the whole censor entirely from the game (something to block that address for all players)

Skeletons are still used in campaigns (example: Crucible) and the filter is for English only so I don’t see how any of these would make China happy tbh.

Yes, skeletons are available in scenario editor as gaia object, which can be rotated


Those skeletons are partying hard.

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