Hey, where is the major update for USA?

In Aug steam update notes, it said " We plan to make a number of changes to various United States cards and units in a future update." where are they? I only find American outlaws (not mentioned in Sep update notes) and team Louisiana purchase nerfed :sob:. BTW Argentina granadero and gaucho are greatly buffed which is unexpected.


American outlaws are nerfed? In what way?

peacemaker from 1000w 1000g +30% stat to 400w 400g +10% stat
New York states age 5 up don’t buff outlaws anymore

The age 5 thing is because the vet upgrade for outlaws now gets them shadow tech from age 3 onwards, so its the same thing.

The mercenary contractor age up for Euro civs also no longer buff outlaws


:disappointed_relieved: :cry: :sob:

yeah, you are right, but the age up description remains

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I’d like to see the Swedish Immigrants card added. A few torps could really help out in the early game. The immigrant cards are really cool, you can build entire decks around them.