Little change could lead to perfection

Do I really need to explain? :roll_eyes:
I thought is common senses what kind of Bayonet and what it look like used by Musketeer during 16th-19th Century…
The answer definitely is Socket Bayonet.


Gatling gun with US and Revolution Nations:
Although I’m US supporter and hope Mexico,Grand Columbia,Argentina,Brazil become full Civs as well, but I really don’t think Gatling gun should replace Falcon with US in Fortress Age and giving Revolution Nations Gatling gun Card at all!
Because Gatling gun was mainly use on American Civil War and American Indian War, review by timeline its belong to Second Industrial’s masterpiece, judge by accuracy it really didn’t participate too much Wars outside US territory in AOE3’s timeline, that’s why its ridiculous to replace Falcon at Fortress Age.
It’s should move to Industrial Age with US and allow US to train Falcon as well, or give US “Capture Falcon” Card at Fortress Age similar you did “Capture Rocket” Card at Industrial Age.
Since Revolution option is after Industrial Age and Latin America’s Revolution was launch at early of 19th Century, It should use Heavy Cannon Card to replace current’s ridiculous Gatling gun Card.

Rocket with British:
It’s true that British use Rocket as supporting Artillery, but they still using Heavy Cannon most of time.
We all know its been CUT at original game, but still want to see British use Heavy Cannon…
How about give British Heavy Cannon Card and give other Civs “Capture Rocket” Card?
I believe PEOPLE WILL LOVE IT!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

War Wagon with German:
War Wagon was created by Hussites which were followers of the Czech religious reformer John Huss, and NEVER BEEN USE IN OUTSIDE OF EUROPE!
Why don’t we just switch War Wagon with Black Rider to make more sense? :wink:

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You’re looking for issues where there are none, aoe3 was never a 100% historically accurate game, just loosely based on history or we wouldn’t have a campaign about the fountain of youth.


How about this?

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Also this?

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One can dream. But I doubt they will change the civ despite being awfully inaccurate

Which one can dream?
The most inaccurate spot is the bayonet from DAY 1!
This months just about they release the contrast photo a year ago…

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