Hi, have an idia to make DE visually better!

If anyone read this, i love aeo2 DE, and waited it soo long, joined beta and enjoyed it.

I have some idias to make the game much more unique ; If anyone read this please pay attantion my toughts.

First gunpowder projectiles need to rework, they doesn’t fit the game. They looks like old 2000s things.

You need to make gunpowder units animations and projectiles faster and more effective. And need to look more realistic.

The other BIG IMPORTANT thing is unit ‘‘variations’’

i have an idia that will make the game much more realistic and attactive. And actually your team did it on small scale, i will upload an example image.


See ? The normal jannisary and Royal Jannisary is an example for this. And northman and eastern swordsman.

But im talking about this for same individual unit.

You need to add unit variations, basicly the same units that for example ‘‘Berserks’’ need to cary diffirent kind of weapons that , 2handed Axes , Swords ,but not just hatcets.

Same as champions.

The all units need different type of armor and weapon diversity inc. bows, horse color side weapons shields…

It will work same as the Villagers, so we have both female and male villagers with different looking but we can double click it and its same unit and same stats.

Why not you add this on ships, horsemans, archers, and melee units ? especially unique castle units ?

For example when you can train berserks you get different units both - male , famele - different weapons equiped but with the same stat.

And one more thing, you know the militia line has same visual for every civilization, for an example american civs inkas-aztecz-mayans have champion unit but its not good… After all Champion unit looks like medieval armor and sword equipped fighter… Its not fit the most civs and makes not sense…

You need to rework all civs units to proper fit looking… If you make this, aoe2 definitive edition will be much better and greatest of all time…

But for sure you need to still protect units ID with colors and capes for the new players knows that it is a berserk unit.

I hope somebody read this and think about it thanks for your time, My in game profile is ‘‘Master’’

And here my steam friend code : 119149434

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These would add a lot to the game, for sure. Sadly, most aoe2 players are whinies who prefer a blue square block with “villager” written on it, because “It WoUlD bE eAsIeR tO IdEntFY unITs DuRInG bATtlE”.
For real, some people where mad because light cav looked like knights or something. This would only make these dudes angrier.

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Maybe there can be an option that turn it ON/OFF ?

How about this ?

Welcome Bilgecankose!!

These are awesome ideas! but I don’t think they will ever get on multiplayer, sadly (or not). AoE is all about consistency, the game providing you a way to understand what is going on in between hundreds of simmultaneous units in action with only a glance. These implementations could get on the way of this design philosophy.

On this example, a unit with slight differences on clothing/armor and weapons could cause some confusion about the unit ranking. Is that a standard swordsman or a elite one?

Even though, I agree with the general idea of more diversity for some units, I even made a topic to ask for more ethnic correspondence.

On the other side, I can’t see why this couldn’t be implemented on campaings and custom scenarios some more. For those situations there is no hurt, as others have already spoken.

Thank you !

Yes maybe they can add official update for this and add turn ON/OFF options for that…

Its all for the make aoe2de greater !