High ground bonus for troops please ! If not , I will be very disappointed

AGE4 is in 3D with mountains , and high ground hills.Come on , just give some bonus !.This doesnt make any sense for strategy game.


yeah agree makes the game more dynamic for more observant players, not like a lot we are asking. Also Uphill bonus less damage reduction.


i didn’t test the game, It hasn`t bonus hill mechanic? What a fail!


high ground already has bonus ranged units get more range



Take this for instance. I felt so powerful and wise in my planning for having secured and built this base.

Now I realise it meant nothing at all. The enjoyment I had has been taken away. A strategy game should reward elevation advantage. In what world would a unit up top not have an advantage over an equivalent one having to rush up, with limited visibility in comparison to boot?


Too bad AGE4 is made for ESport , not for strategy gamers ;]


It is absolutely baffling to not include an altitude advantage, especially when you base the game terrain around these high hills or mountains that mess up the camera even more.
Whoever made this decision has no job working at AoE4 and should find another career.


I had an army with a lot of troops , and archers on the hill , high ground , and even though I lost battle very easy

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Yeah, there is no positional tactics now, no positional advantage, the game now seems to be a random blob of units with no purpose. Yeah, a game about medieval history doesn’t care about higher ground positioning at all, yeah.

“Oh, we wanted to get every aspect right, we went to Mongolia and England and all these places to get historical aspects right, to understand things like the Battle of Hastings and actually see the hill there”
yeah, yeah…


Easy on the throttle, please. You are talking about people who have careers and families. Attack the decision and not the people, please.


I automatically assumed there were high ground bonuses in AoE IV. This topic comes as a surprise to me. I didn’t really pay a lot of attention to army interaction when hills were involved but I would have noticed at some point for sure.

This is disappointing to say the least.


Wait so this is something I’m getting a lot of conflicting info about. So far, I’ve heard that Elevation gives you +2 Range and additional LOS. Conversely, if you’re on the lower ground, you get less LOS. Finally, I heard that Cavs cannot charge uphill.

Could anyone who knows FACTS can help me with the following?

  1. Are the observations above true?
  2. What constitutes elevation in this game? In AoE2, it’s very clear what each hill is. But in AoE4, it’s a much more realistic and gradual incline/decline. Does it just calculate the fraction of the angle to which the uphill attacker suddenly gets +2? Perhaps needs to be Z pixels higher than enemy unit?
  3. Any movement speed bonus/debuff for units around elevation?

Any help would be appreciated!


I know.I think this is the biggest disappointment in AGE4.So whats the different , between AGE2 in 2D and AGE4 in 3D ?.This is bssss.It doesnt make any sense.This is all because of Esport.Every rts game must be like Starcraft game.So sad , so bad


… And what about climbing the wall? I think on the wall if you gain ranged rank.

I think Walls also add nothing bonus

Walls give archers more damage or something. Units on the wall also take less damage from units below

How can you know that ?.There is no icon , that shows that

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Pretty sure I heard it somewhere and also, I’m pretty sure I have noticed that units take less damage when they are on walls. All you gotta do is pay attention

This is a total and biased false view. There is a reason that there are more than one rts games in the world. The Age series is one style of game, Starcraft is another. Please don’t try and blend them too much.

No its not.Today if you are doing an rts game , it must be fast to play , with no strategy , and tactics.Just fast clicking on keyboard , and mouse ;].No physic , No high ground bonus , no depth ;]