Highland Charge discussion

now that highlanders will be more common, due to the new dutch HC card (and more viable scottish immigrants for USA), i was wondering if a carolean-like charge attack, would be a nice flavor? idk if it would be OP so i wanted to hear your oppinion on this :slight_smile:


So funny thing to me in general… I almost feel like the Fusilier and Highlander mercs should trade stats, to better reflect the highland approach of aggressive and brazen tactics. But that is an aside.

I think it would defo be cool to see something like this. At the least there is a mod that gives them a basket sword and targe instead of bayonet anims for melee, appropriate to this style. I’d love to see that become official. If that could be combined with a melee charge ability, that’d be neat. Don’t know if it would be fair, however, as highlanders are still a model for stats for cost.


yeah it would definitely be scary to see 25 Highlanders charging to your cannons xD sadly im too stupid to mod it myself