Historical Realism Mod

Hello all!
I will be updating my Age of Empires 2 HD mod called “Historical Realism Mod for Rise of Rajas” for Definitive Edition. As soon as I can ensure the Advanced Genie Editor is operational I will do this data mod. A list of changes can be seen below. Here is the link to the original for HD: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1631044030&searchtext=Historical+realism+mod

Aoe2 updates (for both DAT)- minimal change

New Civs (Work in progress):

Bulgarians: no change TBD

Cumans: No Paladin, No Halberdier

Lithuanians: no change TBD

Tatars: No elite Cannon Galleon

Also see below, as the Huns and Mongols will have access to the Steppe Lancer line, but lose out in the Knight-line.

THIS IS A DATA MOD- The main goal was to create a realistic, but still balanced data mod.


This technology has far more importance now- In addition to granting Villagers +15 attack against buildings, it also gives Swordsmen-line infantry units +10 Hit points.

The Sappers technology effectively represents the advancement of professional foot armies, including their support roles, in both siege warfare and field battles. I didn’t by any means want to make infantry overpowered, but I did try to make Swordsman units more viable in the late game.

These civilizations lack Sappers:

Burmese, Berbers, Byzantines, Ethiopians, Franks, Goths, Indians, Japanese, Koreans, Saracens.

These civilizations have all infantry upgrades (including Sappers) AND Champions:

Aztecs, Britons, Celts, Incas, Italians, Magyars, Portuguese, Slavs, Spanish, Teutons, Turks, Vikings.

Main Changelog:


-Gunpowder units have are stronger, have faster projectile speed, but are less accurate and have longer reload times.

-Camel units are stronger because I reversed the RoR 5.8 nerf. Indians/Saracens have been slightly rebalanced accordingly.

-Paladins are stronger vs. melee units.

-Elite Infantry units are buffed slightly to adjust for Sappers tech.


Projectile speed changes:

-Bullet (Hand Cannoneer, Janissary, Conquistador, Organ Gun) speed 5.5 → 8.5.

-Bombard Tower cannonball’s speed 3 → 6.

-Bombard cannonball speed 4 → 7.

-Ship cannonball’s speed 1.95 → 5.8 Spanish cannonballs move at 8.8 speed.

-Turtle Ship cannonball’s speed 7.8 → 9.8.

-Spear (skirmishers/genitours) speed 7 → 6.

Range changes:

-Mangonels/Onagers/Siege Onager max range 7/8/9 → 8/8/9

-Scorpions’ max range 7 → 8, min range 2 → 1.

-Bombard Cannon’s range 12 → 13.

-Cannon Galleon’s range 13 → 14.

-Elite Cannon Galleon’s range 15 → 16.

-Arbalest range 5 → 6

-Longbowmen range 6 → 7

Damage/Rate of Fire (ROF) changes:

-Scorpions/Heavy Scorpions: 16/20 attack, rate of fire decreased to 4.1, +2/3 bonus vs. cavalry

-(Galleons)War Galley, (Elite)Longboats, and (Elite)Caravels lose 2(3) in their bonus vs. ships, get +2(3) base pierce attack instead (makes them stronger vs. land units/buildings).

-Bombard Towers +50 attack vs. rams.

-ALL SHIPS (except Gunpowder ships) do +2 bonus damage vs. infantry and archers.

-ALL GUN units do +1 bonus vs. unique units, +2 vs. infantry (Hand Cannoneers do +6 vs. infantry).

-ALL CANNON units do +5 bonus vs. cavalry.

-Mangonels/Onagers/Siege Onagers: 8/8/9 base range, also do +5 bonus vs. cavalry.

Misc/Unique Unit changes:

-Bombard Cannon accuracy reduced to 85%

-Bombard Tower accuracy reduced to 90%

-Cavaliers have 2,3 base armor.

-Condottiero have 0,4 base armor, 10 attack.

-Hand Cannoneers 40 hp, 22 attack, 3.7 Rate of Fire. Bonus vs. infantry reduced to 6.

-Pikemen, Halberdier have reduced attack vs. Camels

-Skirmisher/Elite/Imperial skirmishers +4/+5/+6 vs. archers (increased due to shorter range compared to Arbalests and slower projectile speed). Bonus vs. Spearmen increased to 4 for whole line.

-Slinger attack increased to 6.

-Fire Galleys/Fire Ships/Fast Fire Ships have 5/7/10 pierce armor respectively

-Paladins have 3,3 armor [Makes upgrade more worthwhile with +1/+1 armor gain].

-(Elite)Arambai have 18(20) attack and 0,0(0,1) armor, but benefit from Parthian Tactics.

-(Elite)Battle Elephants’ speed increased to 0.88.

-(Elite)Berserks have 1,2(2,2) armor, 10(15) attack, 1(2)base bonus damage vs. camels/cavalry. Chieftains tech increases this.

-Elite Boyar has 8,2 armor.

-(Elite)Cataphracts have 3,1(4,1) armor.

-(Elite)Conquistadors have 18(21) atk, ROF reduced to 3.3.

-Elite Jaguar Warriors have +13 vs. infantry.

-(Elite)Janissaries 20(24) atk, ROF reduced to 3.9(3.8).

-(Elite)Kamayuks have 10(14) bonus vs. cavalry, 5(8) vs. camels.

-(Elite)Karambit Warriors have 0,0 armor, but attack increased to 6(9)

-(Elite)Organ Guns have 20(24) atk, ROF reduced to 4.1. Each projectile does 6 damage.

-(Elite)War Wagons get +2 damage vs. cavalry

-(Elite)Tarkans have 9(12) attack.

-(Elite)Turtle Ships’ speed increased to 1.2.

-(Elite)Samurai armor increased to 2,1(3,1).

-(Elite)Teutonic Knights’ speed increased to 0.8, have hidden anti-unique unit/anti-infantry armor of 1(2).

-(Elite)War Elephants’ speed increased to 0.65.

-(Elite)Woad Raiders have 70(90) HP.

-Imperial Camel has +19 bonus vs. cavalry [increased from +18]

-Mangonels/Onagers/Siege Onagers pierce armor increased to 7/8/10 respectively.

-Animal Changes- ATTACK HP FOOD

-Rhino 150 8 400

-Elephant 150 8 500

-Bear 150 8 200

-Dire Wolf 80 6 0

-Wolf 25 3 0

-Crocodile 60 7 50

-Komodo 50 7 0

-Tiger 50 8 0

-Jaguar 45 7 0

Civilizations that have access to (Elite)Genitours:

Byzantines, Goths, Portuguese, Saracens, Spanish

Other Civilization-specific/Tech tree changes (see full changelog in the word document):

-Berbers- No Bombard Cannon

-Britons- No Heavy Cavalry Archer, Onager, or Fast Fire Ship, Have Bombard Tower and Elite Cannon Galleon

-Burmese- No Bombard Cannon

-Byzantines-(Italian Architecture) No Bombard Cannon, have Heavy Scorpion and (Elite)Genitours, +1 pierce armor for Knights.

-Celts- No paladin, Have Theocracy, Furor Celtica grants +50% HP to siege units

-Chinese- No Bloodlines, Faith, Siege Ram, Galleon, Champion, or Elite Skirmisher, but have Hand Cannoneer, Bombard cannon, Block Printing, Fast Fire Ship. Chemistry is free

-Ethiopians- No Sappers or Bombard Cannon, have Halberdier upgrade free again, Torsion Engines does not affect Ram Area of Effect damage, but gives +1 range to Mangonels/Onagers additionally

-Franks- No Halberdier or Theocracy, have Ring Archer Armor and Arbalest, Knights +30% hp but other Cavalry unaffected

-Goths- No Guilds or Heresy, no Heavy Cavalry Archer or Gunpowder units (except Cannon Galleon), have Siege Onager, (elite)Genitours, Plate Barding Armor

-Huns- No Galleon or Halberdier, No Paladin, Have (Elite)Steppe Lancer, Trebuchet accuracy boost changed to Trebuchet HP boost (+33%).

-Indians- No Capped Ram, Crossbowman, or Halberdier, have (Elite)Battle Elephants

-Italians- No Thumb Ring, No (Heavy)Cavalry Archer, Have Heresy, Have Halberdier

-Khmer- No Hand cannoneers, Husbandry is free, have Siege Onager

-Koreans- Team bonus grants +1 range for mangonel-line again, Shinkichon grant additional +1 range and reduces minimum range to 1

-Malay- No Onager, Have Hand Cannoneer

-Malians- No Gunpowder units, but have Halberdier and free gold shaft mining techs once again

-Mongols- No Plate Mail Armor, No Cavalier, Have Ring Archer Armor, Have (Elite)Steppe Lancers, Drill tech does not affect Rams’ speed.

-Portuguese- No Thumb ring, Have Paladin, Heavy Cavalry Archer, and (Elite)Genitours

-Saracens- No Arbalest, have (Elite)Genitours

-Slavs-Have Faith

-Spanish- (Italian Architecture) No Hussar or Light Cavalry, no Thumb ring, have (Elite)Genitours, have Crossbowman

-Teutons- Have Heavy Cavalry Archer

-Vietnamese- (Far East Architecture) No Heavy Cavalry Archer, Have Hand Cannoneers, Sappers is free. Villagers +5 HP from Dark Age. Paper Money costs 600w 800f 50g

-Vikings- see Berserk changes

There is an install of Advanced Genie Editor in the game’s directory. Use that one. If you download the one from AoE Blacksmith, it won’t work. You can find it in your directory here:

AoE2DE > Tools_Builds > AdvancedGenieEditor3.exe

Sweet thanks noobfry! I had tried Tapsa’s updated version on the Blacksmith but it wasn’t working. I’ll try this and update.

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Hey! I’m havin trouble downloading the mod. Is there any other place I can find the files?

I’ve been having issues downloading too but I tried unsubscribing and resubscribing to it and quitting/restarting Aoe2DE and it worked. I don’t care for the new system at all…I suppose I could send the files to you if that doesn’t work?

Add lancers to more civs that did use them a lot: Mongols, Chinese, Indians, Persians etc…

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I was thinking Persians, Chinese for sure, but wasn’t sure how to balance that out, especially with the buffs I gave Chinese with gunpowder units. Maybe no bloodlines?

yeah they may get a bit overpowered considering persians are already a knight civ, indians can use it though as they don’t have anything to use for raiding in castle age. mongols deserve it, well as you know STEPPE lancer. chinese also used lancers, maybe don’t give them the elite version to balance out.

i just noticed you have already added steppe lancers to mongols. great!

please consider the other civs as well.

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Hey @Juggernaut8704 I finally got my new update done and uploaded. Check it out! Also- I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but I’ve seen a few users complaining about data mods not affecting units due to the May-Hem patch/update. Is this true? I saw some players saying this on your mod, and when I went to test out some changes I made, it seems the technology tree and tech change are in effect, but not the unit changes. I’m trying to figure out what’s going on?

There seems to be some issues with the AGE that causes crashes for mods. Not sure what it is since at least March 2020 patch.

Yes after the Mayhem patch modifying the data file located in game directory isn’t working anymore. Probably an anti-cheat protection has been implemented as many people are guessing or probably it’s just a bug. Hope it will be fixed by next update.

By the way good work on your mod but the problem is that I think AI won’t use the modified tech tree of the mod. For example it won’t use the steppe Lancers for Turks and battle elephants for Indians. So single player will not benefit from those units. And multiplayer is generally not an option for data mods unless you have friends that would like to join the lobby.

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According to these instructions it should still be possible to create data mods.

AI can be modded to use them, but I am not certain, how complicated it is.


Actually when I tested it out the AI for other civs (Mongols,- before the devs added to base game, Huns, etc.) was actually using the steppe lancers. And they definitely use Genitours and Imperial Skirmishers, I think because they were originally team units so they are programmed to know the upgrades. But yeah I’ll try that data workaround.

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@Juggernaut8704 I think you may be right in the case of Battle Elephants for Indians though. I think I will just buff Elephant Archers and mostly leave the civ as is. I want Ele Archers to be viable (don’t we all).

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