Home city cards that should be removed / combined

I’m going to present a few existing home city cards that I think should be removed from players deck and be available by default or combined with other cards. The reason I’m suggesting this is because we’ve received a lot of new card through various updates that aren’t being used in matches due to lack of space in player’s decks. I’m not sure the balance impactions to these suggestions so you are all more than welcome to challenge any of my suggestions.

I think cows should just be unlockable as an Age 3 tech in the Livestock Pen. This principle should go for Llamas and any other livestock animal.

Fencing / Riding Schools
I think these two cards could be combined as I think Mexico’s Liberation March already does.

Grenade Launchers
I think this upgrade should become a new tech ## ### ####### as this is an essential tech for Grenadiers after Age 3. The ability to train Grenadiers for civs who can’t by default should remain as a separate card that comes with units.

Master Surgeons
Surgeons should be lockable in the church in Age 4 for ALL Euro civs.

Unique Church techs
After the recent rework of a lot of these I recon the upgrades they offer should come as default. Maybe to compensate for this add an increased price for some of these techs.

Advanced Arsenal
Simply add these techs as default and make Sweden’s techs slightly cheaper so their civ bonus isn’t fully lost.

Just combine this card into one that can be sent twice.

Same as factories, combine into on card that can be sent twice. Maybe add a coin cost on this shipment.

Agents / Assassins
Make this a costly church tech, maybe 1000 coin for Agents upgrade and 1500 coin for Assassins upgrade.

Germantown Farmers
Make this an Age 3 Mill tech, maybe costing 500 food plus 400 wood.

Have I missed any??


Yes, it could be… there are many cards that are never used or that together would be better… that would make it easier to make better decks…


You are talking about europeans while there are civs in a worse situation 5 HC Cards for training time is ridiculous

Just because Mexicans have “liberation march” doesn’t mean every civ should. There’s no need for standardizing everything.

Some civs don’t even have access to the arsenal and others only have access to a few techs. Adding the advanced arsenal techs as default would only further the gap.

Factories are way too powerful to be merged into a single card slot. Same thing goes for the dojo.


concordo totalmente principalmente as cartas de treino e a do arsenal

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All your pikemen transform into rods.

Ridiculous and too the name of the card.

I can agree with that, I’ve never seen a gameplay of someone using cattle in their economy strategy (Other than Africa, obviously)

That’d be OP with the % they have, no? I would like to see it a bit increased individually however, or with a shipment of extra units like the french fencing card.

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good ideas i dont agree with but good to discuss

The factory as a card you can send twice is an elegant solution, ad it frees up a card without affecting balance. I ´m not sure it is possible though, because I believe the red x2 card reset when reaching the V age (i could be wrong though).


Resetting cards on reaching Age V is purely a per-card choice that is easily turned on and off.

I do like the idea of putting factories and dojos into single cards that can be sent twice - it frees up some room that the mass of new cards desperately asks for.


Again, this is a bad idea imo. This would further the gap even more with civs who don’t even have access to factories. The only solution to make it work would be to add a cost for the shipment, but some players accustomed to have them for free may not like it.


Grenadier launcher should be a tech. I’ve been saying that since day 1. It does not have the value of a card (and a card slot, which is also a resource).
Or combined with the new line grenadier card (unlocking grenadiers at barracks).


I totally agree! This should never have been a card in the first place.

These are examples of Home City cards that NEED to be IMPLEMENTED as default content.

Why a Livestock Pen that only trains Sheep? Cows should be the default content for this building (more brand new farm animals I’d like to see too - pigs, chickens etc). The Ranching HC card should instead offer something that would make the Livestock Pen more useful - like the ability to garrison animals for increased Food production.

I don’t think anyone uses this HC card so it just wastes Surgeon and Field Hospital. In my opinion, the Surgeon should be the default Church unit. Master Surgeons HC card could significantly improve Surgeon’s stats and upgrade Field Hospital in Lazaret (a hospital building that would have a wide and efficient healing aura).

This should also be the default content. Without this HC card, the Settler Wagon is a specter Unique Unit (as it cannot be trained). In my opinion Settler Wagon should be trainable by default in the Mill by Germans civ in Age 2. This HC card would allow you to train them already in Age 1 and also in Town Center.


It may sound controversial, but for some time I’ve been thinking about making settlement units like AoE 2 have two separate windows for buildings - civil and military. In this way, there could be more transparency and the possibility of separating things like the palisade from the wall, etc. Settlers would be able to rebuild the Factory (for the right price) and the Fort (also for the right price).

The other thing I thought about this is even more extreme - adding an Engineer who could only build military buildings, while Settlers could only build civilian buildings. Engineers would cost the same as Settlers, but would have better stats and build faster (but would have a training limit).

First of all, thank you everyone for responding to my post. I wanted to make the OP a poll with everyone being able to vote for which cards they agree/disagree with but I was unable.

I’ve seen British player use cattle after the Fulling Mills HC card is sent but like you say it is still quite niche. The Livestock Pen should act as a replacement after all huntables have been exhausted. It should be an intense food source that reaps high rewards but takes a lot of micro skill to maintain (especially whilst in battle).

I’d defo like to see this, maybe a new farm animal is unlocked with each age (e.g. Age 1 - chickens, Age 2 - sheep, Age 3 - pigs and Age 4 - cows). The population cap would have to be altered of course for balancing reasons but this could be a fun addition.

As a side note, do you guys think that settlers should automatically start collecting from any fully fattened animal in the livestock pen, rather than having to be tasked to do so. For example, if I’ve tasked a settler to collect food from a sheep and its finished, it will just stand there idly, even if there’s a fully fattened cow right next to them. I think they should be programmed to automatically start gathering from cows, without having to be specifically tasked to.

I also think that outlaws should have a special ability to steal cattle but that’s a discussion for another thread.

Although I’d love to see the surgeon more in game, I don’t think that it should be the default church unit as that is controversial from a non gaming view. As I said though, Surgeons should defo be available in the church after the Fortress Age.

This would be a fair compromises to increase the utility of the card and encourage more players to use grenadiers.

So Engineers would just be more efficient Architects (like they are in real life :laughing: :laughing:)

But for real, this idea deserves a full thread of its own.

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This is a bit off topic but do you guys recon that the Mercenary Contractor politician should be removed to advance to the Imperial Age? The 50% hitpoint and attack upgrade it provides to mercenaries, should be converted instead to a Capitol tech. This tech should cost the coin equivalent Legendary Native Warriors as it would function similarly. Converting this upgrade from an Age Up bonus to a capitol tech would allow non euro civs to be give a similar upgrade tech in their equivalent building (like how Asian civs get Exalted Natives).


Donc si j’ai bien compris vous proposez de donner de donner cette amélioration des mercenaires à toute les civilisations à l’age 5?

Je n’ai rien contre, au contraire cela serait intéressant pour tous je trouve.


Just could be combined to make sense


nah these changes would make european civs op