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Cards are cards for a reason, not every card is meant to be sent every game. Limitation makes the deck making interesting. Some civs have easy access to some of the techs, doesn’t mean every should have it. These seemingly small changes will affect balance massively tbh.

in the case of cows - no use them, I think that the combined will be good. Add the cows “by default” in the age 3-4th will be disbalanced for sheep, better get cows through card + improve for (no disbalanced because you used one card in the deck)

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I will add a few:
[To Remove] Theaters (Age 2): Reduce outlaw pops count and make Ronins acessible in Saloon. Even with the pop reduction, outlaws are seldom viable. Ronin access was “cool” when the game first came out, but there are no historical or even gameplay backing to this. (The devs should have looked into modifying this card to make civ-appropriate mercenaries accessible before implementing the Mercenary Contractor Politician).

[To Remove] Advanced Wonders (Age 1): Increase wonder HP and reduce wonder build time. Does anyone use this? For Asian players, fast age-up time can be achieved by committing extra villagers. There is no need to ship a card just for faster age up. Furthermore, while the Wonder HP is quite nice, by the time enemies sieging down your wonders become an issue, you probably already lost.

[To Remove or Modify] Hire Barbary Corsair Force (Age 4): Gives 15 Barbary Corsairs for 2000 gold, is infinite. The problem is that the Ottoman Mercenary Army (Age 4), gives 3 Mamelukes, 4 Stradiots, and 6 Barbary Corsair for 2000 gold, and is infinite, is better in almost every way.

[To Remove] Hot Air Balloons (Age 1): Allows explorers to create temporary balloons. The problem is when is it every worth the shipment? At least Advanced Hot Air Balloon (Age IV) gives a permanent balloon and let me keep track of the enemy’s main army. This card is just not very useful.

[To Remove or Modify] Donatarios (Age 3): Increase TC build limit by 2. The problem is when is this ever useful? I typically find 3 TCs (maximum) is sufficient for most games. At least it should make future TCs cost cheaper.


Do not to remove anything. Complete remove of content have a negatively affects of players

We aren’t suggesting to remove anything, just have the same content available in different ways.

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I have complain about this for HC heavy civs like aztecs or indians but devs keep adding cards with not that much value instead but must to have

Imagine if Balloons could attack xDDD

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oh boi… don’t get me started, how many seperate cards does the bloody coyote runner have solely for the coyote runner, and still remains feeling like dog compared to the chimu and even the shotel?


I think overall really good suggestion. In fact many players feel annoyed when they found themselves forget to add a certain core card in their deck. (I always forget to add Advanced Arsenal in team game deck) Removing or combing some cards and then make some replacements for their features would be a really nice approach

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“Advanced Arsenal” can be an age III tech included by default that would cost something like 350wc and enable advanced arsenal technologies, like an upgrade for the Arsenal. With cards, Politicians (such as “The Logistician”), Civ Bonuses, etc. these technologies can be obtained at a reduced cost, or for free, in age II, etc.

or that the balloons could receive shipments. for a mod that could be fun.

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If somehow non-European civilizations are compensated, I would agree. The Indians for example have cards that in the Europeans would be improvements/technologies by default, such as the bonus against heavy infantry of the Gurkha, and that does not even improve other units of the same type.

If they merge these cards or default enable, they would be insurmountable late game or treaty monsters.

I used to think so too, but recently I think that the Theaters cards of each European civ may technically be the same one one, which means they may not be able to provide different units for each civ.

It would be a good approach to replace Ronin with a mercenary that is appropriate for every European civ, such as Fusilier, Cannoneer, Harquebusier, Royal Horseman, Mounted Rifleman, or introduce a new one.


Are there any notable territories/countries from this region that were known for their neutrality? A mercenary from there, along with a rename to reference this nation, might be a good direction to go.

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Do you mean Swiss? Since some civs can already enable Swiss Pikeman training through other cards, maybe we can introduce Swiss Guard as a new musketeer type mercenary. Swiss Guards could shoot arquebuses and use halberds in melee.

Or, the new mercenary could be some more generic term, like Bugler, Fiddler, or Violinist, as the mercenary version of Drummer.

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You’re overthinking this. The Ronin is there as a reference to Kabuki theatre.

So what is the reference for the connection between Europe and Kabuki?

The reason the card offers Ronin is more likely because Ronin is the hardest mercenary unit to access before DE.


There isn’t one, the connection is to theatre. Back when Ronin were one of a dozen mercenaries the connection was a lot more apparent.

And now it’s time to change it.
Even Fiddler or Violinist could be better than Ronin for a Europran theatre.
Any European gunner is also more likely to appear in a European theatre than a Far Eastern swordsman.

Meanwhile Coria del Río in Spain:

More info

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