Homecities/Decks are replaced/reset when playing a scenario

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This has happened to me and some friends when we were playing a Colloseum (scenario).
This issue has already appeared to me a few months ago, so this is not only new to the latest game build. When hosting a Colloseum, civilisations are being picked by the players, and thanks to the latest improvements to the scenario system the game works fine. But after every scenario I’ve played I realise that some of my homecities (including my decks) have been replaced. At first I didn’t really know why this was, but after playing many scenario games I assume it has something to do with the scenarios.
After some trial and error with my friends we found out that i somehow took over their homecities from the civs they had picked in the scenario (and vice versa). For example, I already was around level 30 with my German homecity (and had some good decks in it), one of my friends whose German homecity was just lvl 1, had picked the Germans in the Colloseum, and after the game I had Germans level 1 with his decks myself. → So my assumption is, that somehow the civs being picked in a scenario (haven’t tested if it appears in other scenarios though) are transferred to the other players being part of that game. I can’t say for sure if this problem appeared in 100% of my games, but definitely most of the time, because so far almost every homecity of mine has been replaced by some other at least one time.

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Host a common Colosseum scenario
  2. Let other players join and pick whatever civ (except Inca and Swedes because most old collos don’t feature them)
  3. Play the game and then check if you still have your original homecities or if they have been replaced

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No homecity replacements

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It’s not really a useful screenshot because I have no pre/after comparison, but this is a homecity of a friend of mine (he didn’t really change anything, is level 1) that now I have. I used to have a homecity above level 30 with some good decks, same happened with other civs.

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Would’ve like to upload the scenario we played the most but doesn’t accept the file age3Yscn.


Thanks for reporting this and giving so much detail! :+1:

The same issue has been happening to many other players in scenarios too. Here are some additional references:


Thanks for the reply!
I’ve read through these posts and I can confirm that it might especially happen when there’s a desync,
which still happens sometimes when playing a scenario (still it’s much more stable since the last update).


This issue is currently being tracked by the team. Thanks for the reports!

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This bug still exists. This week 3 guys in my clan lost their decks (so annoying). Please fix it.

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Had the same problem a couple of times, every now and then some decks are getting replaced by defaults, or switched for different cards. Would be great if the devs could work on that!

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