Hosting custom content lobby with datamod crashes randomly

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  • GAME BUILD #: latest build
  • GAME PLATFORM: Steam / Microsoft Store (both)
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10 / Windows 8 / and windows 11, tried all 3

:arrow_forward: ISSUE EXPERIENCED

about 40%-50% of the lobbies hosted with custom datamod will crash randomly, with just people chatting away. not sure the cause.

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  • 50% of the time / matches I play (FREQUENTLY)

:arrow_forward: REPRODUCTION STEPS

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. host lobby with datamod
  2. hope to crash to reproduce
  3. crash or not crash unsure

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not crash and able to play just fine

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there are no mdmp file generated

@thieftdp8498 does it happen to you with all datamods? or just one? if is just one could you tell us which one it is?

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we played two mods @DirefulLily9407

first mod was civ ailliance and host was someone else and he crashed. because there wasn’t enough sample we cant tell if crash cause was the same, but crashed in similar fashion.

second mod was MBA which we play daily, about 5-8 games per day with multiple different players from different region. so far we have had this crash for few days now and all crashed in same way, host will freeze and game crash.

mod is here Mods Single - Age of Empires

to replicate, I would only recommend host a game and let players fill up, but it is random so lobby have to sit there for a bit. if there was mdmp generated or log file it’d make this much easier to find the cause but there werent any.

Thanks for the info @thieftdp8498 we will investigate the issue, but if you can send us minidumps from the crashes it will be very helpful for us. They can be found in your user folder and have a .mdmp extension


I have checked, it did not generate mdmp file. if it crash again and generates one I will upload it

its called MBA AI look them up, but they only work with multiple buffs mod v1

@DirefulLily9407 @IkoKnight8151 getting a crash after the most recent update with hosting datamod in custom lobby. it did not generate mdmp file, recorded a video tho.

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Not sure if I should open a new thread for this, but I’ve been experienced pretty frequent game crashes as well. I host Black Forest custom lobbies, with no datamods. The same goes for a friend too, and I’ve noticed other BF players mentioning the same, or witnessed other hosts having their lobbies crash.

For me, I notice it happening more frequently the longer the lobby stays up. If the lobby fills quickly, then there is no problem and no issues during the game. It has only been lobby freezing for me while hosting. These also haven’t prompted me with the crash report pop-ups I’ve had other times when my game has crashed or closed randomly.

I also do not see a minidump file created for this (experienced one today, have experienced them for the past month or around since Dynasties of India was released?). I’m looking under ‘logs’ folder.

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I see, so it isnt mod related thats good to know.

if it’s more so blackforest then it make sense. this lobby crashing issue was never there prior to india DLC so they definitely changed something causing this crash.

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Hi @Nerathion and @thieftdp8498 !

I am investigating this, for now I have no luck reproducing it.

The crash happened when a player joined or left? Which lobby options are you using apart from Black Forest?


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In my case, it is random, the game freezes completely for me so I cannot really say what exactly happened at that moment. I think I might’ve been trying to look at player’s ratings, but I was about to press ready since I had a full lobby. Don’t know if someone had left at that moment, though I think everyone was ready to play so nobody left then.

In other times, I’ve had half-full lobbies and the game freezes in the same way. Then I was only chatting with others in the lobby, while also alt-tabbing to check AoE2 net. (I play on one screen and windowed full screen)

Lobby options are pretty much standard for 200 pop Black Forest games, random civ, standard speed and no datamods etc. I think the only common denominator I can think right now is that it only seems to happen for me when the lobby has been up for some time, like 5-10 minutes maybe. But I don’t think it happens every time the lobby has been up for that long either, however has been happening relatively frequently (several times a week for example).

Edit: A friend is saying for him the lobbies freeze very randomly, not that related to the time lobby was up.

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the same applies to us, it freezes randomly and unable to reproduce at will. when it crash it doesnt generate mdmp. I thought it might be related to alt tab to steam messages or steam group but again it’s random, sometimes just chatting in game crashes, sometimes alt tab in out crahes.

I just played a normal game today with no mod, and lobby was cancelled. Upon rejoin on the new game, host said it crashed.

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@IkoKnight8151 it seems the crash is probably to do with alt tabbing out of the game and talking on steam. most of the time I’d tab out back in and it may or may not crash but it is usually after alt tabbing back in from steam.

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I do that often too, so might be the case. I often use shift+tab when I’m talking with someone through Steam. Perhaps I simply didn’t notice the game froze after some time after shift+tabbing back in. However it doesn’t happen 100% of the times.

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Hi everyone!

We tried again to reproduce this with no luck. Using datamods, without them, custom scenarios, alt tabbing, shift tabbing…

If you find a way to reproduce this let us know please


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could you try to have steam on while messaging several people. while game is hosted, try alt tab messing on steam and repeat that process see if it can recreate the crash.

edit: just as I alt tabbed to post this message… got a crash while someone downloading the mod in lobby

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Yeah, in my experience it only happened while messaging people for some time on Steam (I use shift+tab to open Steam Overlay, from which I message friends).

I’ve been hosting alone and not experiencing this problem as much, only an odd case where I’ve been alttabbed from the game for too long and the game froze. Not sure if that was the same, but definitely not as frequent as it was when I’ve been messaging people on Steam. Same BF lobbies without datamods etcetera.

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btw, what version of windows are you on? trying to find a common cause (aside from the game that is)

I play on Windows 10.