"Hot Fix" is this real? roflmao

  1. I can’t build farms many times in spaces where I should be able to, after a building was eliminated there, 2. in a ranked game, my opponent was building a blacksmith, I saw how it was built but couldn’t see his unit (i mean the vill) 3, the door in diagnoal is still with problems, 4, you cannot build palisades or walls behind a palisade that is being attacked by a group of mele units, these are the ones I remember today, but the list is Surely it is much bigger, how can it be possible that in more than a year the “team” of age of empires DE can not solve anything? and every “patch” that supposedly fixes a bug just adds more ?, they fix a bug and reproduce 5, instead of continuing to add new civilizations and other stupid things, I wholeheartedly suggest you troubleshoot and measure priorities, once the problems are fixed Of mechanics in the game, I would be happy to play even if you add units with +44 attack, or if you add Star Wars troops in some civilization, I don’t care, I just want to start enjoying the game more than I am frustrated by errors like these. it’s really frustrating

I am not saying you are totally wrong, but man, just being angry does not help anyone. If you really want changes you should do proper bug reports (what you have not done, since this is your first ever comment on this forum). It is important that you describe how it can be reproduced, and show how they work. I am spending way too much time on this forum, but have never heard of any of the bugs you describe?
The bug report should be done like this in the bug report section: 📌 [HOW TO] Report a Bug in AOE2: DE
A way longer list of bugs in the game, just to continue your list can be found here: List of unfixed bugs

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