Hotfix Issues - Screen stutter and lag

Since the hotfix last night I’ve had lots of screenstutter and lag when I try to pan around the screen.

How to report this?

To report: There is a section for bug reports for each Definitive Version (1/2/3) of AoE.

You should first quantify the issue, e.g. by: [Tutorial] Frametime graph and fps counter with RTSS.

Also make sure you don’t run into vsync in any way. Your fps should float free and should be much higher than your display refresh rate (>200fps in dark age in a 1v1 match vs ai).

And if you are and AMD user, you will run into this bug 100%: FRAME TIME BUG, micro lag, performance issue, video stutter


I used the Nvidia FPS counter and that didn’t work.

I will try the RTSS