Hey Guys,

I have created this mod because i play very rarely and always forget my Hotkeys.
This Mod will change the Icons for Buildings, Units, Techs and Actions to overlayed ones.

Sadly i couldn’t find a way to make it adapt to the custom Hotkeys.
This is why i created 16.218 files so that the right Overlay can be created for everyone.

Since it is very exhausting to create every Overlay by hand (305 files have to be handpicked) i am working on a script which does it for you.

I was woundering if this is something that people are interested in, or if this is just some fun project for myself.


You can download the DDS and PNG files here:

What did i do:

  1. Got the DDS and PNG files from the AoE folder (…\steamapps\common\AoE2DE\widgetui\textures\ingame…)
  2. Converted the DDS files to PNG using SLX Studio (now i would use TexConvGUI instead)
    SLX Studio:,44685,,60
  3. Created PNG files with a letter and transparent background
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  1. Combined the PNGs using ImageMagick composit
    I created and used this script to composit the pictures: (you need to change the paths at beginning and end) !!!Make sure you have some knowledge of programming befor doing this!!!
  2. Converted the combined PNG files back to DDS using TexConvGUI (Output Format = R8G8B8A8_UNORM)
  3. The mod folder needs the following structure:


					actions		<- In here you place 80x80 PNG files
					buildings	<- In here you place 256x256 DDS files
					tech		<- In here you place 256x256 DDS files
					units		<- In here you place 256x256 DDS files

Into the HotkeyIcons_player_nickname folder also goes the thumbnail.png and the info.json file, which should look like this:


Please stick to that HotkeyIcons_player_nickname naming scheme and only change the nickname. This way everyone can see in a second that these kind of mods are connected.
And thats it
If you dont like my red letter design just create your own Icons.

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