Hotkeys are completely broken

Broken Cancel Construction Hotkey Steps

  1. Create new “Set Profile” under Remap Controls
  2. Set Hotkey Layout to “Fully Remappable”
  3. Go to General Commands tab
  4. Set “Cancel Construction” to “7” (no hotkey conflicts)
  5. Select villager and build a house
  6. Select house being built and notice that Cancel Construction is set to “S”

Setting an alternate key to “Z” doesn’t let “Z” cancel it either.
Fully remappable keys are just completely broken.

Even switching to Grid mode I cannot utilize shift combinations as the game doesn’t register it.
For example having “;” as a grid hotkey and “shift+;” as another grid hotkey will not work as when you push “shift+;” it thinks you’re just pressing “;”.

There are problems with camera hotkeys on fully remappable AND gridmode. Having Alt as “Focus selected unit” breaks setting cameras with alt+9 and alt+8, cameras 2-3, but alt+0 works for camera 1.

For Fully Remappable hotkeys I’ve noticed that you cannot set hotkeys for Council Hall. It tries to utilize Q as a hotkey for Longbowmen when I have it set to K for archery ranges.

You’ll also notice that the other hotkeys for upgrades are correct and matching though…

Another bug in the hotkeys found.
When you “Select all keeps” and press “Access secondary UI panel”, it will not acess the secondary UI panel.

Ctrl+Shift+0 doesn’t work for setting up a camera.

Thank you for these reports, but please report only one per thread—helps keep me sane :laughing:.

When you are selecting all your Keeps, does that also include The White Tower or Berkshire Palace?


I can’t tell you now as I was on free weekend (which expired). As far as I know I didn’t have “The White Tower or Berkshire Palace”, I was testing with the English faction.

You can see which key I used in the video as the hotkey is shown from options at the start of the video.

The video shows a keep and The White Tower selected.


Thanks @CRothlisberger! The team is on it.