Camera Hotkeys Break When Combined With Focus

I have ctrl+alt bound as Focus on Selected, use ctrl+alt+[] to save my camera locations, and then alt+[] to go to the locations. For some reason this setup works correctly for Camera location 1, but not for any of the other locations. Doing some testing, it appears that the problem is with setting the location, as if I set the location with a different hotkey I can then go to it properly. I do use a pretty weird hotkey setup (essentially recreating The Core from sc2), so my camera locations are on the same keys as my control groups but with different modifiers, but it’s not an issue with only alt+[] and it doesn’t select the control groups or anything weird like that so it doesn’t seem like that’s the cause. I particularly don’t think so because I found mention of it in this old post, which listed a ton of hotkey issues so wasn’t really useful. Hotkeys are completely broken

Hey @emctwoo! I don’t quite get what you are describing, but I can go set them up like this to get some understanding. However, does this thread here seem similar to what you are experiencing?

Not quite, I have ctrl+alt+p/o/i/j to save locations and ctrl+alt set as focus selected, and for some reason that stops me from saving any camera location besides the first one (ctrl+alt+p). I realize my use of [] wasn’t very clear