Hotkeys fully customizable?

Do you think the game will have customizable hotkeys or not for open beta?

This is so frustrating when devs tries to force you “grid” mod or whatsoever else.

This is a key feature to create a good experience for players. If you lack customizable hotkeys, then even players that like the game will have a bad experience.

Plz I want to copy past my hotkeys from aoe2. Like maybe 90% of aoe2 players, we will play both games, and I dont want to change my hotkeys. it will be so confusing.

Thk you!


I think the players come from aoe2 or aoe3 do need some hotkeys for selecting specific buildings like h for tc and so on.

I hopefully can custom F1-F12 too
I am SC2 player 11

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They’ll probably come at the beginning of next year. They’ll have a lot on their plates this year.

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This is something they HAVE to have at launch day 0. If there wont be fully customisable hotkeys at launch, I will probably not play it past single player campaigns. I can’t play on grid.
It’s something easy to implement, so it’s not like it will take much of their time.


Obviously we don’t know. Why not just wait two days and find out?


I’m pretty sure “H” is used to go back to TC in AoE4


Maybe it would be to late? Why are you writing an useless message?

…it is indeed…

whaddyamean my post needs to be 20 characters?

its a more substantial answer than anything else people have answered.
We aren’t oracles we don’t know the future.

Q:“will hotkeys be fully customizable?”
A:“we don’t know, lets find out in the beta”.

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That was an absurd answer, we can say “wait for the beta” for every topics in this forum. It was a generic answer for almost everything, if you are not interested about the question, just dont participate.

If you have nothing to say about the question, just leave this topic, there is plenty of topics, you can even open yours.

Speaking about how customizable hotkeys affect the game experience, is a good subject, if you do not agree, just leave. Thk you!

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These are subjects that people have veered off on. If you wanted a general discussion about hotkeys maybe you should have written your post differently.
You are jumping on someone for just answering the main topic question.

What kind of answer were you expecting?
“uh yeah guess its important, we’ll find out soon i guess? ¯\ (ツ)/¯”

OK you read just the first sentence only! I understand now.

Try to read the whole post before answering next time. Otherwise your answers are just useless.

I took the beta as an entry to speak about hotkeys, it does not imply to be the smartest to understand that. At the release of the game, the question will remain if they do not add full hotkeys in beta.

Yeah but all we can say currently is “yeah I think they’re important too”.
The rest of the replies are “i also hope so too!”

Im more than willing to discuss this in detail once we try the game.

Ironic that you would ask that.

You asked if they would be in the beta. How on earth could we know? But it’s in two days so we can all find out then.

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I really hope they implement this. Basically this feature will decide if I buy the game or not.

Playing a RTS without custom hotkeys is like trying to steer a car without a steering wheel.


There will be a grid mod, but this thing is not something that players use at 100%, everyone needs some room to personalize them. The most important for hotkey’s is to be FULLY cuztomizable. And the grid mod is a good option to add.

I think they maybe did a wrong thinking, adding grid mod before fully cuztomizable hotkey’s.

This will be a disaster, as a streamer it will be so bad, I know in advance that this thing will make me very upset while streaming :confused:

I hope at least if not for the beta, for the release we will have hotkeys as it should be in 2021 in any rts .

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Not only is a lack of customizable hotkeys annoying, but also creates doubt that many other important options will not be customizable as well. Such as customizable UI elements, accessibility options for disabled players, etc.

Very first thing Im going to check in the open beta will be the hotkeys.

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Yeah, I can second this for sure.

I really hope there are colorblind options, because the color scheme has shades I can’t really make out that well. In the majority of the trailers the ground is purple to me. If they don’t have accessibility settings, I won’t quit, but I definitely won’t be too fond of it.