How can Aztecs beat Otto FI

How can Aztecs beat Otto dropping a fort and doing an FI? Once otto gets bombards and spahi, it seems there is no counter. Arrow Knights do nothing. I just lost to an otto 100 ELO less than me and I had double his villagers, I have never beat an Otto as Aztecs once they reach industrial.

FI yourself with skull knights and aim for a base trade.

as long as you have pop space you can just relocate and pump skull knights, revive warchief with smoking mirrors to snare and just take out their base while if they lose their base in an FI they cant make bombards which are your biggest worry.

You do need some what good micro for it

edit: have some coyote or coyote shipments to snipe artillery

Don’t play Aztec…
It is too UP except only 1 Maya age2 shipment.

There’s nothing more satisfying than dropping a dozen stealth jaguars on top of a pair of great bombards.

Maya rushing is probably the best way to beat an FI, though.


I tried that, the jags get spotted before they can attack, and then get instantly blown away by bombard shot


You can try using arrow knights to snipe their explorer first, then go in with the stealth. I’ll admit it’s tough to pull off, but glorious if you can manage it.


You play a dangerous game, Mr Bond


When other civs normally just skirm-goon combination, Aztec needs oto slinger + coyote + ERK + AK + JPK…

I think Otto FI spahi bombards beats anything/any civ, as evidenced by everyone online doing it now.

Loses to goon spam…. Good thing Otto doesn’t have any units that melt goons like butter. Oh, wait…


Because civs spamming only 2 units are fine but aztecs doing the same is not, is OP and jas to be nerfed…

Mechanic that was nerfed too cause it was abused by every civ too in competitive matches…/s

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I’m not sure what the Otto’s timing for the FI is nowadays but I have done this build

It’s basically a JPK FF. It didn’t work super well in this video as my opponent sorta-rushed. But I’ve pulled it off lots vs Otto’s.

Aztec is upper hand to British due to lb can’t hit run and musk was countered by JPK.
In this record while Aztec just press age3 button, Otto 5 spahi shipment is alraedy on the way…

Uh huh. Like I said this game was different but I’m a 100% winrate vs FI Otto with it.

‘Spamming JPKS’ didn’t work for me at all vs otto FI. You have a 100% winrate, I have 0%. Then again, your APM in the video is also 10x mine. As I said, the bombards just completely obliterate and spahi do quite well also vs JPKs.

My timing was a bit slow in the video, but done correctly I’ve had around 30+ and arrow knights at around 12 minutes.

What this means for the FI is usually they’re in the state of preparing or starting to go age 4. Which is a really good time to hit. I had one dude hit age 4 and his tc was just going down which ended in his GG
I’ll admire tho the build is a bit micro intensive

I have tried similar, but what happens is, I get his fort and maybe tc down but then lose to bombards/spahi as they pop out. I can’t get any factories down without first taking out the fort/tc. But the church tech doesn’t need any factories.

I’m on your side now @MrCrispyButt. I can beat the bombards, but the Sipahi melted my JPK like they weren’t even there. Skull knights and massed ERK are my next guess.


There are many civs that cannot deal with otto fi. Not just aztecs. Otto fi is the problem