How can Aztecs beat Otto FI

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Aztec is more serious.

When Otto has Jan Spahi GB combo, euro civs spam pure goon can HR spahi, bonus against GB, 50:50 Jan.
However Aztec ERK get less speed than Spahi, has no bonus against GB, has negative against Jan.
So Aztec needs to train additional units AK and Oto/JPK to do the same counter, and people are still crying they are top WR so OP need to nerf.


Thank you for quoting me in this channel, but I don’t see how what I said relates to the topic at hand.

I didn’t do it on purpose, I was just trying to quote the whole thread

Oh lol

Was that the thread where I posted the Vinifrss meme?

Edit: yeah it was

We need to be careful with that thread. Some low-level intern might read it, not understanding the sarcasm and see tons of likes on the great balance suggestions. Funny enough, that thread got more likes than most actually good balance suggestions and united the community like perhaps nothing else has in a long while. We might yet see +2 artillery range and Abus AoE…