How can China compete post patch?

Lowest win rate in 4v4s by a long way in above 1300 games.

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3v3 even worse lol.

and you want to Nerf the ■■■■ out of this civ? come on ffs.

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No one seriously care 3v3 / 4v4 dude.

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I think the siege nerfs are required. However if this makes China become the worst civ, maybe another buff can be applied. I would like to see a discount on their second wonder for advancing their dynasty but we should look on their post-patch situation first.

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Nice, really constructive opinion from you huh

I agree with you part of it, but I think take “China” CIV only using siege are boring, developer can consider make "zhuge nu "strong so this CIV wont be too weak in early age.

thank you, i thought so to.

Why the Chinese has been the talk of the town in almost every patches? As Chinese is my main civ, these are the things I observed:

Chinese early game is mediocre, their age 2 army sucks, their age 2 landmarks are terrible. While IO isn’t impactful enough to carry Chinese’s “generic” early eco, they just got another nerf. HRE, Rus, French, Mongols can out boom China while being better at defending themselves or being offensive.

Chinese late game is the only time when they are not in limbo. With patch 11009, forget about it!

Chinese’s power is inconsistence through out the game as said above. The only thing they are consistent at is being limpy until mid-late game.

All the patches so far have failed to buff where it needs. How about:

  • Every Chinese 2nd landmarks should get a cost reduction.
  • Better age 2 landmarks, because their landmarks are not doing enough to justify their existence (eg. Give Barbican ability to train improved Zhuge Nu, Imperial Academy train cheaper IO…).
  • Buff ZGN so they can compensate the mediocre age 2 army.

With these changes perhaps they can survive long enough to use their late game bonuses.


Funny that you had tough times playing against a civ that has one of the lowest win rates.

Sounds like a you problem.

I agree the chinese were supposed to survive the early game and explode in the late game now they have to be average in the late game and in difficulty in the early game…

Well, that’s ironic. I’d say the same of people who unironically found Chinese OP because of their one good strategy.

But congrats, you successfully cherry picked one of the two brackets where China is top 4 (and still below 50% winrate. Which, if anything, means they need a buff, not a nerf)

Let’s pick another one, from people who know “how to play the game” even more than 1300-1500!

You were just whining about this on the other thread.
They are making small changes every month working towards making the game as fun as possible for everyone, there is hate for everything they have done so far. If your normal strategy is now less viable and you can’t adapt, too bad, there are thousands of players who can learn new strats, civs, and build variations that enjoy the game.


China to trashcan tier after patch
Mongoles still top S tier
Really only 3 Civ to play now and not be behind

If they buffed China landmarks it could be a good Civ to play. Focus on man at arms and gunpouder units like grenadier. There landmarks need a buff or rework

China already to hard to survive early game. But if you did you had some power. Now it all gone so there end game is meh

They nerfed them slightly

people picking China are FL players, they used to one strat and spamming it.

but Pickrate is huge even after FL nerf.

To sum up. FL destroyed meta, so do not cry and try smth else not siege + FL

sure bro, ill leave you to argue with yourself xD

Bruh SINCE THE technical closed beta , Chinese were always a pain in the back to balance , they went from the CIV , and hear what I’m saying , THE CIV. Of age of empires 4 , literally their nest of bees shooted 21 rockets in 2 seconds and could aim meanwhile you move your units . They didn’t had to upgrade to the chemistry tech neither .

(Before launch , you needed the chemistry tech to build siege or gunpowder units , which I want it back)

China didn’t need this , and they could build gunpowder units or siege since age 3 .


Now they are a different civ , but they are still pretty broken , the problem is that you guys , China mains are really obsessed with spam siege . When in beta we would build up big cities with walls and that stuff , we basically played defensive .

Just Learn on how to play the game seriously , China is a defensive civ , it is obvious , just learn on how to play them!

Also , the other civs already have now nerfed siege.

Abbasid Dynasty welcomes you…

Well, let’s see. What was China’s WR in the same bracket before the FL nerf again? Oh yeah

It was 0.3% higher. Truly broken

China is marketed as a SIEGE civ. People played with siege because that’s the civ’s strength and one of the few strats that could reliably lead to victories. And even then, the winrate was sub 50%. If the devs no longer want siege to be the focus of the civ, fine, but buff them elsewhere then.

You suggest Chinese players play defensively? For what? What’s their late game plan now? 40+ min games so you can double imperial and spam grenadiers?

It’s 1vs1 data, did you thought no one will notice? (should remove patch id from the screen)

no other words needed.
FL fiesta → Seige fiesta… But people still picking china (as 18%)for 4vs4. Probably, Chinese players love to lose.

Site wont say but it was 26%+ pickrate for China. It dropped to 18% which is higher than Should be.