How can I counter this?

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what are we lookin at here


USA units: Shooters, Cherokees, Gatlings, Regular and Hussars are some on the picture. It was Saxony

Musket and cannon???

Optionally some HC, since they focused LI.

He is Aztec

I would suggest maxing out Arrow knights plus some Eagle Runners and spamming the infinite Otonin card

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great post, lots of great information and clear, I understand perfectly.

truly there is no counter. this is the uncounterable army, sought and suffered for by many, relegated to legend until you have found it here. congratulations, or sorry, because there is no hope

What do you want to know?? I did a screenshot of the game where you can see the units. My aztec HC flag is there and resources werent an issue before the battle

I tried AKs protected by ERKs while swarming coyotes, it didnt work. I tried otontins too and neither while buffed JPKs are meat for the infantry.
In my deck the only inf card are 1300 crates.

US has been always a pain in the #ss but now it seems impossible to deal with idk.

Well this is of course all hypothetical but I would avoid making coyotes and JPK in this scenario and extra focus on microing down the Gatlings and their fb foundries with arrow knight as top priorities.

from what he wrote, I understand that if I use AK, but AK should not be sent alone. so he used ERK and coyotes to protect his AK.

There were many skirmishers in the enemy army and in theory the best option for the Aztecs against the skirmishers is the coyotes. Maybe there are better combos against that army, but in principle it is logical that coyotes be used in that scenario. For example, someone proposed using otontin instead of coyotes (AK+ERK+otontin).


counter point. Chances are that the ontontin will just get wiped because ontontin really kinda suck. Even in a shootout with the infantry, not even considering the gatlings here. And Regulars don’t do too bad either due to their range bonus.
The coyotes on the other hand have the issue of the carbines which are well spread.
And archer knights can’t realistically defend themselves in melee even against a weak-goon.

What concerns me more is the population that i see here, as in the added non pop infantry that just snowballs.


I suggest doing a quick comp change with baby dance, first take out the muskets with ottos or ERK, second swap instantly to coyotes. The US player can’t react I time to the swap. You don’t need to commit full pop to the first wave.i

Destroy some war hut in base, make 2 forward base consist of 2war hut and 2 noble hut each, go baby dance and attack from 3 different angle at once. Open field battle in late game scenario is one of aztec weakness, so main base produce ERK, slinger, and Ak, while forward base ## ####### puma with some AK for base raid and distraction.

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Also begs the question, what game mode is this? 1v1 sup, tr, FFA - all will have different ways to counter that.

USA coffe guns are so strong,what do you guys think does it need a nerf

It has been nerfed already


It seems still op i destroy every unit expect horses it wont stop and dont do overkills

And to counter whats in the pic is culverins,skirmisher and some hussars needed

You mean like basically every other cannon?

Other canons have a fire rate this fires none stop and other canons do lots of overkill