How can I make a new map as my campaign layout?

Hello everyone.
I have created a map by merging two files. The american map of the map overlays and the campaign overview. I have written in the layout.json the exact words in order to use the map:
“Material”: “American Map”,
“FileName”: “Amazon Warriors of native”,
“Blend”: “None”

But no matter what file do I save or export the map (png, dds, xcf

etc), it doesn’t show when I select the campaign.
So how can I make it work?
The map is this:

From the top, is it like this:

      "Material": "CampaignBackgroundAveCaesar",
      "FileName": "",
      "Blend": "None"
  "BackgroundMaterial": "CampaignBackgroundAveCaesar",
  "Widgets": [

Do you have these files (Your names obviously) in the directory below)?


If all of that is correct, I suspect your problem will be with you .dds file. Are you using Photoshop to create it? It has to be saved as a dds, but actually saving it as one can be a bit tricky I found when I made my map.

I used GIMP and I had to export it in order for it to be a .dds file. If I save it it is saved as xcf.