How can I modify the extra projectiles of Organ Guns?

I know how to use “Modify Attribute” and its sub-effect “Projectile Unit”.

But when I do it for multi-shot-units such as Organ Guns, Castles, then only one shot (probably its main projectile) changes. The other projectiles are the same as their original forms.

For example, if I adjust the projectiles of Organ Guns as 377 (Elite Skirmisher lance with Chemistry), then only its main projectiles becomes this, and the rest are the same Organ Gun bullets.

Are there any ways to make the rest also change?

any unit with primary and secondary projectile will behave this way. editing unit’s attack will only affect primary, secondary projectile will have it’s own attack/graphics unless its the same projectile as primary.

casltes and towers for example, their secondary projectile unit ID is different from the primary projectile unit ID. you would need to modify attributes for secondary projectiles as well in order to take effect

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So, are there any ways to modify the secondary projectiles with “Modify Attribute”? There’s only “Projectile Unit” option, and I can’t choose 1st or 2nd with this.

you would not need to edit primary projectile unit, you simply edit attribute of the unit ID that is the secondary projectile.

castle unit ID is 82, you would edit it’s attack attribute or w/e you wanted
castle’s secondary projectile ID is shown in the unit, then you would edit that unit ID’s attribute same as you edit castle’s ID