How can I use custom Wwise "Event" in scenario function?

I learnt that the Wwise audiokinetic system allow program to call “Event” in game, such as “Play_Flare” (or maybe there is a “Stop_Flare” ?), “Pause_all”, “Resume_all”…

If it can be used in custom campaigns, that would be amazing! :money_mouth_face:

  1. So I tried to make a “BGM_549CAA69.wem” with two Events named: “Play_BGM_JinZhang” and “Stop_BGM_JinZhang”, and their target is rightly the file “BGM_JinZhang.wav” (by Wwise 2019.1.5, Vorbis, Quality=4, SR=44100, Channels=2.0-stereo, language=SFX).

  2. After that I put this .wem into my local mod folder (C:\Users\acer\Games\Age of Empires 2 DE\76561199002600352\mods\local\LianYouGuo\resources_common\drs\sounds), and restart the AoE2DE.exe.

  3. Then I create a function in edtior: “Play Sound” with [Sound (Event) Name] of “Play_BGM_JinZhang”. When testing, NOT-THING played; :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

  4. Then I changed the [Sound (Event) Name] to “BGM_549CAA69”, and it played normally. (←This method is from StepS’s guide)

So… Are there any points I missed or did wrong? Or is it indeed imposible for custom Events to work in scenario during current edition? :worried:

I also had bad luck figuring that out
The way i added custom sounds is to create a new invisible unit via data mod, edit its “creation sound” and spawn the unit somewhere on the map for all players, then he plays that sound
Would be nice if there was another way to solve it tho…