How can Turks counter xbows+pikemen?

As the title suggests I don’t believe that Turks have a good answer to archers with a few pikemen to protect them. Especially in open maps. Turks cav archers aren’t that good either cause now the enemy who is massing xbows can easily research elite skirm and add them in and now the cav archers aren’t trading cost effective.

Turks need elite skirm! They are the most situational civ in the game literally only good at Arena

By the same logic you cant beat monks/mangonels because you can always add in pikemen.
To beat xbows + pikes tuks can: make their own xbows with faster gold miners; go cav archer + mangonel, scorpions, janissaries + mangonels, knights + xbows.
Turks are actually decent on arabia, with excellent mobile units and an okay eco bonus. HCA + hussar is very strong and you can keep the HCA alive for a very long time. Absolutely not a top tier civ but not useless.
Finally, turks have all 6 blacksmith upgrades for their skirms, so they are not so bad that they are not worth using, especially against civs with only pikemen.
People have been complaining about the turks lack of trash options for decades, there have been a bunch of balance patches and turks have not had their trash buffed. That tells me that there is not a good case for changing anything now.

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I don’t see how this has to do with Turks at all.

I guess you can open scouts for Feudal. Then in Castle Age, when your opponent has his archers/pikeman thing going, just hide in your TCs (you can probably safely add Town Centers against archer/pikeman) until you have a Castle up then you can outrange the archers with your unique unit. If your opponent is splitting his archers/pikeman all over your base then you already have a Stable to make a knight or two; your opponent really does have to keep his archers together. You might have to place your Castle next to one of your Town Centers to get it up safely, but it’s fine.

If you do the opening as above and still have map control with your scouts against archer/pikeman upon hitting Castle then you could just go knights into cav archers but OP assumes you lost map control in Feudal/early Castle.

In 1v1 you should be able to stall long enough against archers/pikeman just by hiding in Town Centers/reposition villagers to get a Castle up on a gold. In team games you shouldn’t worry about anything after Feudal Age in open maps if you’re playing correctly since team games are a Feudal fest right now.

Why is OP trading with cav archers is the real question though.

  1. abuse mobility - u do not need to counter it if raiding and killing villagers while being walled and safe , use light cav and raid where the enemy has only villagers
  2. make janissary+ mango

their own xbows + mangonels or knights if enemy is adding elite skirms. 15% faster gold should favor turks generally. In wallable maps jannisaries + mangonels are very annoying to beat

No elite skirm hurts mostly in specific matchups like turks vs malay or mayans, but most of the time they can do well without elite skirm/pike. They even had 49% winrate at 2k+ level on Voobly on arabia.

Turks are fine.