How do i beat britons archers?

how can turks beat briton archers with that massive range?

i had HC but lost because of the range.

does hussars beat briton archers?

Turks get hard countered by archers. Even someone like the Celts has a better time vs archers. By the simple fact that you have an elite skirmisher. Knights can beat archers, but the Longbows, backed up by pikes still win. Statistically, Turks are one of the worst civs in the entire game. Turks on black forest team games however, can be a wrecking machine.

At the same time someone like the Goth hard counters Britons. Britons can defeat Goth, but it is hard fo them.

Turks can shine in games with trade.

Also, I think BBC can kill Longbows, but you have to support them with anti-cav units.

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Oh sure, yes. Turks can be a powerhouse in rich resource maps with lots of trade.

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turks is hardly the only civ with hard counters.
goths get hard countered by vikings and aztecs as an example.
teutons get hard countered by lithuanians.

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does hussars beat briton archers?

Yes,. Skirmishers and Rams do it too.

Honestly you can kill them with a champion + gunpowder mass

rams pretty much hardcounter britons all by themselves.

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throw in some pikes for good measure.

Siege Rams + Siege Onagers


Not really, since they have Arbalests and better Champions than yours.

Vikings, Aztecs and Japanese vs Goths is very one-sided.

i would think lithuanians would wreck them too. (no need to worry about archers, and Leitis would wreck all their infantry).

They do, if the Lithuanians player is not silly, and does not waste Gold on Knights, like a lot do.

Just use their Super Skirms and Fast Halbs with Leitis, and they can hardcounter Goths.

Problem is, most people just revert to default mode and go for Xbows and Knights, which get destroyed by cheap Huskarl + Pike.

Never train anything other than Scout line Cavalry against Goths. Goths are easy to counter with Trash units, not Gold units.

As far as I know Letis are never cost effective vs halbs so Goths would have no problem dealing with those, especially knowing that 1 Goth barracks must be able to outproduce 3 castles 11

To answer the original question, I would place my bets on siege rams and cavaliers.

Lithuanians do have Fast Elite Skirmishers to deal with Goth Halbs, Fast Halbs too if needed, and Leitis to deal with Hussars and Champions.

You use your Super Skirms against Goth Halbs, and your Leitis against the other 2 units they are really likely to produce.

Leitis + Skirms + Halbs would wreck anything goths can throw.

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Absolutely true, and I suspect that Lithuanians are in for a huge nerf.

They went from being a weak civ with very low winrates, to one of teh best civs in the game.

I don’t see Lith halbs/skirms doing jackshit to huskarls. Of course those die to leitis but you can flood them under halbs. Since Lith have the same champs as Goths but without cost reduction the match up is actually not that bad for Goths.

Leitis, even Hussars, beat the Huskarls. The Super Skirms beat the Halbs, and they have the speed to catch up to them retreating.

Not to mentions that Lith Skirms have nothing to fear from Goth Skirms.