How do i beat britons archers?

doubt it. they aren’t that high in winrates.

18 civs have higher winrates then lithuanians do right now.

Maybe now, but last week they were still very high.

Anyway, they went from being around 40% winrate, to 48% now.

It is a huge jump.

last week they were 52%.

last patch they were 32.35% winrate

now they are 48%. 48% is balanced.

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I get it, but wouldn’t the Goth dude have to try and micro his units? Btw squires makes halbs faster than skirms.

Tower shields doesn’t matter in Skirms vs skirms battles. Gothic ones are 90% accurate instead of 100% but it’s no big deal imo.

Even if we could take these stats at face value, it would make the Lith balanced (45-55 bracket) and anyway, you see stuff like Khmer rates plumetting and Teutons ones reaching ridiculous heights. It’s just because people are overreacting to buffs/nerfs.

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Lith Skirms and Halbs are 10% faster. So the difference in not great, and Goth Halbs lack Platemail, which makes them very bad against Skirms.

Both do matter, and missing 1 in every 10 shots, vs hitting all 10, does matter in large battles.

Goths is a stronger civ than Liths, in general, but that does not change that they are hard countered by Liths, in normal circumstances.

Goths need their Drush to be effective, and can win the game on the back of it, but if Liths get to even Castle on a normal situation, Goths will have an uphill battle against Super Skirms + Leitis.

Specially because Goths cannot even properly wall off against fast units like the Leitis, which excell at raiding.

Belive it or not im my experience with turks bombard cannons and calvary work fairly well against the archers
with that extra range you can stay out of thiers

Correct me if im wrong but i belive cannons also do a tiny bit of area damage.

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Mass Siege rams with cav archers or hussars from behind

The extra pierce armor doesn’t matter since skirms max out at 7 attack anyway, bonus damage of 4 is not affected by tower shields pierce armor

The bigger question is: How can we beat the ridiculous domination of Crossbowmen from literally any civilization in the “Crossbowman-Knight Age” ?

Cant you guys stay on topic? jeeesus

Siege rams negates arrow damage; just patrol some around to soak damage. Also against Arbalest better do Cavalry Archer rather than Hand Cannoneers and exploit your mobility (hit & run, pick your fights, push expansions, etc.)
Also turks BomBard Cannons with the increased range can destroy Arbalest if they not in spread formation. But you better have nice micro, villagers to repair and a meat shield. Because BBC are expensive.

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I think this:

Siege Ram (tank arrows)
Bombard Cannon (Turk especialy, outrange Britons)
CavArchers (main force Turk especialy, hard to kill)
Champs (to protect siege)

Hussars alone can’t beat them, even if FU hussar helps a lot, unless you are able to heavily outnumber the enemy’s longbows/arbs (which is difficult for turks), they aren’t enough.
You must add siege rams to the hussars and some artillery BBC, if you are able to micro them so to hit some of their archers. Maybe also some HC/janissarys to eventually kill enemy’s halbs.

thanks guys.

ill try cavaliers + rams next time. hussars if gold runs out.

good plan?


Sounds good to me.

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Cavalier are for sure better than hussars, but personally I would save the gold and the resources for the upgrade for more BBC and rams, and stick with hussars.
Still, it’s only my opinion, knights/cavaliers are perfectly fine.

You can try siege ram + something. +Cavalier can work if it surprises your opponent a bit but if Britons have the time to tech into halbedier, that composition probably won’t work (your gunpowder can’t kill them if they sit next to castles). So I’d say try to prevent the Briton player from getting a good position by playing agressive early on using whatevever units do the job.

On closed maps either get a forward castle and play aggresive or get a defensive castle and try to be first to imp. Usually you want to avoid direct fights. On open maps go for a lot of agression in feudal age to keep your opponent’s archer numbers low. Also use your mobility and raid as much as possiblle to not let them push through the center.

bro im noob. cant raid and stuff hehe.

The best options at your disposal are:

  1. Siege rams (in front)
  2. Cav archers
  3. Cavalry (both hussar and cavalier)
    However Turks vs Britons is a very difficult game…

Here is my solution

Thank you, but we are talking counters, not unnecessary nerfs.