Possible nerf for Britons: removing +1 range for Britons from Castle Age (In imperial they still get +1)

That is my suggestion. Longbow don’t particularly cost much but they have 6+6 range, same as a fully upgraded castle. Too much in my opinion. They say rams counter britons but not with them having onager with chemistry + siege engineer.


Because after 20 years they finally became broken.
Why tho.


Britons are not OP, so no, they do not need this nerf.


I haven’t tried them but theoretically it seems powerful.

So you mean you didn’t even tried them? Like at all? At least did you watch a game where people used them or something? You just see an higher than usual stat and assume it makes the unit OP? Wow


So you haven’t even played them and you think its too powerful? Jesus. They’ve been this way for 20 years and no one considers them op


yeah obviously i come here from watching games. 1vs1 and team games.

11 wht you keep replying to this guy? 11


I know I regret answering you everytime but I’ll do it anyway. Britons lack thumb ring to compensate for the range so their overall dps is much lower than other archer civs. yes, they get onagers and champions and what not to deal with rams but that’s not their primary strength. onagers don’t have good synergy with their 11 and 12 range archers. And onagers can’t deal with garrissoned rams. And rams are followed with a charge so it disrupts the britons


Well guys they removed the korean team bonus range (+1) for mangonel line.

When will this spam of threads stop?!

British Longbows are OP from a theoretical point of view and need a nerf. Best argument ever. I will immediately fully agree with this agrument. Just kidding. This is the worse argument ever.

Seems like you played against british and lost. Like all your threads to whine. Just try to learn the game and get better. Like in all threads you make you just show us you dont have the knowledge about how to balance the game.


When people stop replying


And? It was too good of a bonus by just having Koreans in your team while other civs don’t have any such universally helpful team bonus. Although they replaced it with a crippling unwanted one but that’s another discussion. I don’t see why that’s a relevant point to this topic


They should lack in theory dps but from what i see, that is not the case while the absolute range is dominant in theory and in practice too.

Chinese have +45 farms that seems pretty universal and helpful, or berbers with genitours or vietnamese with imperial skirmishers.

+1 on mangos let them shot as far as FU Arbas in imp as a castle unit so it was ez for a whole team too just counter any archer/xbow play in castle with mangos and even use them quite effective vs imp archer too without a need for onager.

THose boni arent even 1% as strong as that +1 range for mangos (and even that wasnt realy OP just very strong). +45 is a nice eco bonus but not realy that much, genitours are a totaly useless Unit even after the buff and imp skirms are only available in imp and not realy the unit you want to make in TG anyway :man_shrugging:

About Brits, like many others said before Briton range isnt OP in anyway. Its a strong bonus in early castle age but the later you get the less powerful it becomes. Not having thumb ring realy hurts cause slower firerate = less dps and dont forget that it also means less accuracy too so brit archer often miss their targets fighting standground and are slower.


While you said yourself you haven’t tried it, so how’d you know?

Chinese bonus is good but it just makes your farms a bit more wood efficient, it’s not as huge as making a powerful unit thats made in 90% of games meaningfully better for free. Chinese btw lack crop rotation themselves.
Skirms or genitours are not a unit you usually make in teamgames, their pop efficiency is horrible especially in imperial when they’re simply not used. And Berber and vietnamese UUs already negate units that skirms and genitours counter so its a useless TG bonus


Britons is fine now. No matter for the historic or the balance, its tech tree presents well.

If it still needs a change, I would like to adjust that the foot archers only have +1 range in the Castle Age, or even delete this bonus, then add another bonus or tech. The current Britons arbalesters have 11 range, just 1 range less than the longbow, making the longbow be not quite crucial.

It may be cool if the Britons arbalesters could have only extra 1 range more than the normal arbalesters by Yeomen, keeping the longbow 12 range and having thumb ring or another tech or bonus.

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How to counter British longbow. Skirmishers take very little damage from arrows and can kill them pretty easily. Knights can take many hits from arrows and can chew through archers pretty easily if they don’t have something in front of them to protect them. Huskarls take very little damage from arrows. Teutonic Castles out range the longbow. If onager can close in, they can wipe scores of longbows with a single shot.

Britons have awful cavalry. They are missing bloodlines and don’t even have paladins. They only have standard infantry, and lackluster siege, missing bombard canon and siege onager. To make briton archers worse, means they would kind of suck at everything then.


I wrote it, i viewed some matches.
berbers uu don’t negate archers.

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