How do I create custom map scripts?

I want to get into making custom maps if I find the time. I was wondering how that kind of thing was done and how I export the finished work.

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Do you have a guide that is more beginner-friendly?

This one?


Thanks, this should help a lot :slight_smile:

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I recommend taking a look at some existing map scripts and trying to figure out how they work. A lot of the code is quite self-explanatory, and anything you don’t understand you can look up in the guide @bluemage posted.

Be warned that a lot of the newer DE map scripts are very complicated – especially for maps written for tournaments. If you have AoK/The Conquerors, the scripts from those are simpler and therefore probably easier to follow, and still work with DE. If not, I suggest looking at Mongolia or Lombardia first (probably the simplest DE ones) then Islands or Rivers (a bit more complicated – in particular they make more use of land generation).

If you use Discord, you might also want to join the random map scripting Discord server:

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