How do I increase Organ Gun's secondary projectile attack?

Novice modder here. Wanted to make gunpowder civs especially Turks and Ports a bit more appealing. I buffed HCs a bit, made artillery into essentially warwolf for bombard cannons. Wanted to make the organ guns more similar to scorpions. Instead of damaging units in a straight line, it damages groups in an area horizontally. I increased the number of projectiles it fires and the spread, but I can’t find the parameters to boost the secondary projectiles damage.

actuallz the secondlz bullets deal 1000 damage, but onlz to an armor class that nobobz actuallz has which then cuases the bullet to do the minimum damage of 1. actually thez do 2 damage but i am not sure how it is implemented.

how about giving the main bullet or all the extra bullets splash like a bombard cannon instead.