How do I to implement custom smx (graphics) in my Mod?

Hello , I try to revive a mod (Historical Units). I have all its smx graphics I try to implement them in my mod but the units are invisible in the game. I don’t know what part I f*ck up in the prossess :frowning:

Any chance anybody is able to direct me step by step on how to implement custom smx files , how to add them in folders , how to add them in Genie Editor and how to make them work overall without failing?

It would be a blessing for me and for all the community. I know a lot of people are lusting for such a mod to be alive again and for a long run. I am more than willing to make that happen and keep it alive for as along as AOE2DE is alive! I just need an experienced Moder to show me the way plz :slight_smile:

the .smx files need to be named similarly to the exisiting ones, I think the _x1 or _x2 is the essential part.