How do you create a "installable mod"?

Hi everyone,

I’ve just started looking into modding, i’ve already seen how to modify data and image files, but what i’m wondering is: Instead of altering the current game files, how do you make it be a standalone mod, like if you just wanted to activate the “small trees mod” in game?

The idea being that it would be a lot easier to debug and to share.

Would appreciate any help you could give.

Thank you

Yeah I also want an AOE III music mod, there isn’t one there currently for DE

In mod manager select any mod you have installed and click Open Directory. You will find out how they do it. Basically a mod contains all the files to replace their default counterparts in the game folder.

You can create your mod under mods/local directory.


Thank you, that feedback was really helpful!

I do have a follow up question which may seem really obvious, but in any case…

Once i load my modded file onto the local folder (i have the correct structure), it is recognized by the game under “My Mods”, but i can’t seem to apply it.

I’ve tried to publish it, so that i’m able to subscribe to my own mod… but i can’t publish it… (both in “unlisted” and in “Public”)

It’s a data mod, in case that makes a difference.

So the question is: how do i enable it?

P.S. I wanted to post a print screen of the error, but i can’t seem to…

Do you see it appear in “Installed mods”? If so is the checkbox checked? And remember data mods need you to select the data in lobby settings to actually be effective.

What does the error say?

I can see my mods. I’ve tried to make a graphical mod and that one a can apply without issue.

The data mod on the other hand, it appears with the gear icon and it doesn’t have a box to check.

So i tried the approach of publishing it, which gives me the following error:

Sorry I obviously forgot that data mods don’t have checkboxes :rofl: It’s normal, because they are only applied when you select them in lobby settings.

As for the publishing error, it happens a lot. Publishing through the website could be more reliable. You could ask @DodoNotDoDo whether any server side issue is going on.

And how exactly do you do that? :thinking:

I can see my mod as shown in the previous post, but can’t do anything with it…

It has only worked and i’ve changed the game file itself on the main folder…

For the publish error, I don’t see any record of the attempt in the logs so it’s likely an authentication issue as the error implies. Maybe try logging out of Xbox Live in game and then log back in to be sure you have a fresh token, then try the publish again.

To try via the web site, you would add the contents of your mod to a zip file and upload it via: Mods Create – Age of Empires

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Alright, thank you for the help.

For the time being it isn’t critical, the mod isn’t in a “consumable state”, yet :slight_smile:

Have you tried clicking the “Data Mod” dropdown list? You have to do it every time in a lobby/standard game/campaign.

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