How do you cross-play with Steam?

Hi, I’ve got the Windows Store version of Age of Empires DE and I want to play with friends who bought the game on Steam.

I was prompted to download the new version but I was just redirected to the microsoft store page where I couldn’t update the game. I unistalled it and reinstalled but I still can’t cross-play. My version is 27374.

Hi @Sotiris1983, Please read this topic for help downloading the new crossplay client for Age of Empires: Definitive Edition.


Thanks, I’ll download the new client then

I couldn’t find the new client because I was running the older version of Windows. Now everything is fine, thanks again.


How I can have the old client?

Hi @farlittlemaz, If you purchased or redeemed a code for AoE: DE before the Steam crossplay launch this past summer the old client will be in your Microsoft Store app library.