How does the A.I. cheat in AOE4?

Does anyone have the stats on this? Do they just get bonus gathering rates higher the difficulty?

I don’t think they cheat, the description just say something like ‘they have extremely efficient economy’. Think of it like AI never missing a worker, multiple TC, while also building up military, defenses etc. So I think it just simulates a very high APM players.

The devs have also mentioned they’re incorporating machine learning into the AI from thousands of games played vs players. Kind of like the AlphaStar research with Starcraft 2. It managed to beat some of the best Pro players by playing million games vs itself.


Oh ok. I never read anything more on it if they actually were able implement the learning software. So I assumed it was like previous A.I.

Yeah they don’t get any absurd resource buffs or other tricks like full map vision etc. Apparently they used ML to train the AI up to this point, but plan on adding a ‘Merciless AI’:

Age 4 already used machine learning to train its AI, but after the game launches this October, the developers will probably add this harder difficulty mode that will just continually learn from whatever the current meta is. “We use machine learning in training the AI right now, but we want to take that even further. Down the road, not at launch, we’ll probably look into having a merciless AI that keeps learning the more people play against it, to the point that it’ll be unbeatable,” Isgreen said. “But we’re OK with that, because if you opt into that difficulty, if you want to opt into making the AI better at beating you, go right ahead.”


Ai now in days is much smarter than the olde games. Even the new ai in AoE2 DE do not gain the bonuses of the OG ai, yet they can defeat the old cheat ai easily.

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He’s not cheating. MI is more effective. It used to be possible to read a developer interview about this.

They dont cheat. They just play more efficiently and aggressively.

In time we will know, but Hardest AI feels like a below average player. You can easily defeat it with mouse only, 1 military building, single unit army composition… in less than 14 minutes.

I’ve played a lot against AI of all complexities. I’ve also been watching my replays. I can 100% say that the AI does not cheat :slight_smile:

Nahh, not true, it does cheat, when i checked economy stats after quitting the game, my economy was wastly superior, and he had 8 elephants (at that moment), 6 siege units, some number of guns, crossbows, 6 keeps, a lot of houses, and it still did not use all resources on its side of map, while i depleted all resources on my half of map. It’s impossible to have all those expensive units and not used all resources on its side of map. I also had 4 mills with 6 farms, but exchange rate in market are atrociously low, so all food/wood can’t be used to get enough gold for advanced units.

Idk but I feel like they have satellites as they catch every single sneaky thing I try to do to them

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Even if they cheat, it wouldnt be like Empire Earth

Watch the replay and find the point where its resources inexplicably jump or it produces a unit it doesn’t have resources for?

That also, happened like 5 times at least.

No, it did not work like that, from what I watched in age 3 they gatter resources faster or have trickle of resources to boost them, i know because when i played age 3 with handicap of like 30 % for example I could play(make units, and research upgrades) at exact pace as AI. I will research further in age 4, but from statistic at the post screen and from what happened on the map it looked really suspicious, though I did play against Delhi which have free tech, but nevertheless from the amount of money they spent and how much they build, including wonder, and their resources count why bellow mine entire game, it really looks like AI have some kind of advantage.

Idk man I’d like more info/proof because the developers have gone on record in interviews saying the AI does NOT cheat in AOE4 so they would look pretty bad if they were lying.

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I agree, i will continue to play and test different tactics, and when more videos on YouTube drop and mods to be able to watch AI vs ai match we will see. But it looks very suspicious, i mean 6 keeps, 8 elephants, dozen of siege equipment 4 town centers, walls, and they even did not depleted their half of map of gold and stone is ridiculous :laughing::grin: and i barely trade in market food and wood for gold to build like 3 trebuchets 2 mangoes 20ish spearman and landschknets about 15, plus upgrades looks almost laughable xD
And before that it build almost same amount of army like 4 5 times that i counter, it was slaughter on both sides xD

I found the AI too easy even in the hardest level. They suck at playing towards objective. Only thing that impressed me was that they actually made decent landings on water maps. I’m quite experienced in AoE2 but AI is way too easy if I can win it after 5 AoE4 games and with a civ that I have never played before. Like AoE2:DE extreme AI is much more difficult.

Other thread complained that easy AI is too hard so I guess there should be more difficulty levels on both ends of the difficulty curve so everyone can find suitable challenge.


I’ve noticed to AI does one hell of a job keeping multiple scouts roaming all over the map constantly. It doesn’t like sneaky sneaky :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I think AI is cheating in hard levels.

I managed to defeat medium AI in black forest as playing France. Enemy was chinese.