How hard would it be to mod unused skins on units?

Hi, first post here. I don’t really play competitively, but more enjoy play from time to time as a nostalgic since Age of Kings was the first game i bought myself as a kid.

Anyway i’ve noticed a lot of unused units, mostly hero, but also other like the Eastern Swordsman which i would just love to see when i play as an eastern faction for example. Or the heavy cavalry that Joan of Arc uses instead of the Paladin.

Is something like that doable? Is it a lot of work? I know that with some games it’s very easy to just swap skins.

Thanks a lot!

This mod will probably suit you

Hi, thanks for the reply.

I have seen the mod, but it doesn’t really work for me because i have to use the UHD pack since i have 4k screen. Otherwise the game just doesn’t look good. It also doesn’t seem the author will make it available for UHD pack in the near future.

I’m just hoping to find a way to quickly swap units around

You can study how mod author swapped unit graphics (ask from him in his topic) and do this yourself as a data mod. I have to warn though, that data mods are very cumbersome/restrictive (have to recreate after every game update, only one data mod can be enabled at same time, hard to use in campaigns, can only use in multiplayer if other players also use it, etc).

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I’m going to post real quick again.

I’ve learnt how to change skins and so far i’m really liking what i’m seeing. It works great with most units, however i have an issue with the Horse Archers. I’m making the edits in advanced Genie Editor, but for some reason when i change the skin of a horse archer it reverts to the original skin when the unit is firing the arrows. I can’t seem to figure out what to change, since i think i made all changes necessary. Any help would be greatly appreciated

EDIT: Nvm found it, it’ under a separate graphics tab for some reason

You might even publish your mod for other people (majority of players), who use UHD :slightly_smiling_face:

I might if i’m satisfied. I don’t have too much time to work on it. My main goal is to make the Tatar army look more like a Timurid army. But it’s true a lot of factions are able to do so and have better units. Especially the Paladins could use the change, and some plate heroes like Joan of Arc and Dracul have great units for heavy cavalry.

I’ll think about it once i’m satisfied :slight_smile:

One more thing i’d like to ask. Is there any alternative architecture mod out there? I saw omkar’s doesnt’ change this, but it really bothers me how atrocious the central asian castle looks. Their entire archtirecture looks amazing, from the walls to the mosques, but the castle is just so terrible it’s hard to describe. Like what even is that? :smiley:

I tried to google for some mods, but mostly found them for pre DE.


No, I haven’t seen such mod. I don’t even know, if there is much point in modding this, if this would have to be a data mod, knowing, how cumbersome data mods are.

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