How I disable the censorship when playing with my friends?

It’s insane the level of censorship, it’s impossible to use the in game chat even in own team with friends!!
Everything gets #######
Even typing 11111
Why is the number 111111 censored!?!?!


As pointed out by someone on reddit the chat censorship in this game is extreme.

We’re adults I think most people would agree with having a toggle switch for the censorship filter.


you mustnt have seen, math and numbers are racist now and that is bad. lol


There are definitely some numbers that warrant being banned. I can’t imagine any reason to ban 300… unless you really hated that movie.

3 0 0 is used to create a p_e_n_i_s .

Numbers warrant being banned?

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1488 for example warrants being banned.

No I disagree, despite the numbers potential negative connotation it’s still a number and can be used genuinely. You can’t ban every word or number that gets hijacked by some one. What if I tell my team mate I had 1488 military score through chat? Uh oh I’m banned. Ban-able offensives should be clear, intuitive and widely agreed to be unacceptable such as being blatantly racist or sending death threats otherwise you’ll get systems where your not allowed to say 1 out of 10 words or numbers because it could possible be offensive to some one somewhere.


Dude chill on the victim complex lmao.

Nobody is getting banned for saying censored words, they words just get censored.

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Bruh. What are you going on about

thats sybjective opinion, no numbers should be banned


Unfortunately they seem to have put this in all the AOE games and removed the ability to turn it off. Can’t even congratulate an opponent on their dock…


It’s you who give the number it’s meaning, the number it’s just a number.

Incredible how some people want to police speech by using their emotions as justification.
God complex.


Censoring numbers in a historical game spanning the middle ages and beyond is nonsensical: What if I want to talk about Bartolomeu Dias?

Extremists that want to spew their nonsense bs will simply write Fourteen-Eightyeight etc.

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Ah yes.
A swastika is just a symbol, why do people give it meaning.

Ah yes the casual conversation in the middle of an AOE game about some random Portuguese explorer that travelled to the southern tip of Africa, very relatable, happens every time.

You know what, this thread has changed my mind, people just tend to be very ignorant, keep the censorship in place.

It is. Do you know something about that symbol in India and it’s meaning there?
And in many other cultures in history?

It is a symbol. People give it meaning.

Stop acting like you are a superior being please.


The game literally features documentaries about all kind of things, so players chatting about historic events in a casual game is not unthinkable.

It is not about the Portuguese explorer, it is about censorship blocking seemingly random words and numbers for “ignorant” aka normal players without the option to turn this off.


I just want to be able to talk to my team mates.
Maybe turn off the censorship with team mates who are added to your friends list or something like that.
As it is now, it’s more censored words than not.


The Nazis obviously were able to time travel since the romans used the swastika as well.
For them it was a symbol for happiness and prosperity.
If AOE5 covers the antiquity or classic era again, documentaries will probably censor that symbol as it may trigger a lot of ignorant people.


Great you assume your own ignorance, too bad still you support the censorship.

Jokes aside… please, read, learn history.
Censorship is not good, never, ever.
People need to say whatever they want, if what they say is wrong or bad or something, it can be refuted.
Censorship makes the dialogue not possible, kills the debate, and no one learns nothing.