How I disable the censorship when playing with my friends?

Ah yes nothing I look forward to more than arguments about Hitler and nazis in A GAME OF AOE4 to learn from. If you wanna debate that go to /pol/ or something, don’t ■■■■ up my game.

I don‘t understand… You proposed in the OP to have an option to turn off the chat filter. So why are you even arguing against us?

We literally want the same thing from the devs 11.



You are who started talking about 1488 and swastikas.
You are who stated supports censorship because of that, ignoring those numbers/symbols meaning differs in history and cultures.

And now you say this? hahah haha
Come on.

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Not anymore we don’t. Apparently asking for less censorship brings in people that are like


You have to be able to draw a line on stuff that’s just not relevant at all to the game. Censoring a number like 300 has actual impact on your ability to communicate costs of units and upgrades. Censoring the name HITLER and the number 1488 doesn’t, if we look at 1000 cases where those two terms are used 999 of them are gonna be in an indefensible and possibly racist context.

If you can’t agree that those two terms deserve to be banned then you’re too far gone.

What do you want then? An option to switch to an chat filter light? If you turn it off, it is turned off.

You can still report players who think it is a good idea to spread extremist propaganda.

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Unless your name is Hitler (because there is more than one person in all of history that has had the name) or some arbitrary number that someone has a problem with comes up somehow.

Not blocking these things has no real problem because none of these examples are inherently bad. One specific person named Hitler was a problem and it was what they did that was bad not their name.

There’s a huge difference between not blocking the name Hitler (or any number) and people showing up in your games discussing things you aren’t interested in.

It’s also interesting that the person who is bringing up the problematic topics is the one condoning censorship while everyone else just wants to have normal conversations without having to guess which random things are blocked. Maybe you’re the problem and not the people around you (particularly if the option to disable a filter is problematic for you when you can leave it on).


You know what is the population of India?
I think there is a real possibility that the swastika is thinked as a possitive symbol by more people than not.

I don’t care about swastikas, but you need to know that censoring stuff because of YOUR FEELINGS is dumb, you are not superior, your emotions do not define the reality of everyone in the world.


Not only that, but why continue to give the symbol the negative power the Nazi’s put on it?

Seems to me that it’s far more of a slap in the Nazi face to take their symbol back and use it as a symbol of peace; then current Nazi’s find themselves rocking a hippy symbol and being laughed at for still thinking they decide what it means.


Also, it’s the most facistic goverment/rulers in history who are the most pro censorship!
Always ending with death and misery.

It’s incredible to me how people use nazis as an example as to why censor, It’s the other way around!
It’s an example of why NOT TO!!


Why has this thread turned in to a strawman about swastikas and Hitler?

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Because OP brought it up tbh, apparently wanted an option to turn off the chat filter but not completely, which changes nothing as you could have a discussion about every word to be censored.

For example OP brought up Hitler and 1488 as an exception, but so would the N-word need to be as well. The list goes on until we arrive at the beginning.

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And there’s totally a rule for that…

Found it: Godwin’s law - Wikipedia

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I just wanted the AOE devs to fix a regex bug.

Some people made it into “i should be able to talk about swastikas and hitler in game” nobody is being strawmanned, they’re the ones pushing for it.

I am sorry but you were the one pushing for exceptions regarding your initial request.

When posters then discussed your set exceptions you brought up Swastikas and Hitler.
No sane person would actually want to discuss this in-game, the point was about non-optional censorship itself.


Some people meaning you?


Literally begging the question for an obvious answer.

Big brain “people give meaning to words lol”

First guy to bring up nazis.

So no, outside of literally answering questions I wasn’t the one to push the ‘let me talk about nazis’ agenda. Funny how a simple thread about a regex bug and suggesting the option to turn off chat filters turned into a honeypot for racists to come out of hiding. I hope mods nuke the thread and the accounts of the people pushing for this.

Find something better to do than complaining you can’t talk about nazis in the middle of AOE games.

You started it with bringing up swastikas, stop acting like you aren’t the one who brought Nazis into this.

There’s no reason to ban any numbers and there’s no reason to not allow people to turn off the filter if they want to.

I always disable it and somehow I’ve never brought up inappropriate numbers or swastikas, so I also don’t see where you get this idea that allowing people to disable a filter will result in your game being filled with garbage chat.

You think people can’t talk about them just because they get filtered?

Not wanting a filter has nothing to do with wanting to talk about Nazis, it’s more about most of us knowing that that hardly ever (never in most cases) happens so there’s no reason to be blocking things that may have use, like numbers.

Again, you’re the one who jumped from numbers to symbols, not anyone else.


Obvious answer is NO, no numbers warrant being banned.

No, just logic and not believing I can decide what meaning everthing has for everybody else.

You are the one pushing for selective censorship, you are the one that thinks superior and thinks can select what merits censorship and what no, even with numbers.
Now you don’t have any argument to support your elitist thinking and you accuse others of racism, wow.


Good job taking that out of context after you brought up the swastika.

You fail to see the argument, we want an option to turn off the chat filter entirely to communicate fast with teammates without having every second word wrongfully filtered out. Nobody cares about nazis.

Keep your twitter attitude out of this forum, I am disappointed that you do not seem capable to have a civilized discussion.

You called yourself adult in the OP but after your baseless name callings I have to doubt that.

Don’t get me wrong: I would understand your sentiment if you are having reading comprehension problems, because you continuously miss the point of this discussion.

But to put an end to this senseless discussion: You do not want an option to turn off the chat filter but instead adjustments to the current chat filter. If you straight out proposed that in the OP, nobody would have been confused when you started to make exceptions for a then not really turned off filter.

Case closed, have a good day.

PS.: I hope you (with that banner profile pic) do realize that instead of swastikas this could easily have been about words like “Taiwan”, which is considered to be offensive to certain groups and is in some chat filter applications blocked as well.


Getting into a game-- I said this

I know why though.
“I meant to get into an AI game”
They think it’s anai-- Or anaI ← that is the letter ‘i’.

Come on homies. This is silly. Its not even a word to censor.