How I disable the censorship when playing with my friends?

Lol, I had the game censor “The hostile dukes will attack soon”. Turned it into “The hostile #### ## attack soon” making it seem like I was cursing out our enemies lol

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Censorship is going to effing far. What little ■■■■■ decided to censor the word MARRIAGE?


There’s a lot of missing features but apparently censorship isn’t one of them.


Take a breath, homie.

Seems like it just needs to be relaxed a bit on the censorship. I tried saying “I tried playing an AI game” and it censored “an AI” because if you remove the space and make the second ‘a’ lower case.

Like-- I get it-- but I dunno. It’s silly though.


Well relic is from Canada…


Holy is censored even though we have the Holy Roman Empire lol


It is a known bug, the devs are aware that the auto censor is a bit touchy

Get over yourself. Other people don’t view everything in a political lens like you do.


It’s not a conspiracy, it’s just bad and shortsighted design and irreverence of a lot of their customers that do not wish to see this treatment to the communication aspect of the game.
For me- it can be extremely broken and ridiculous, as long as it can be completely turned off. Can it be now?

They can censor every word and number in existence if they like, as long they finally include an option to turn this ridiculous filter off.

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Never before in history has a phrase meant so little, haha.

I’ve got to say, it’s a first seeing “marriage” censored. I’ve played a bunch of games with what you’d call very overzealous chat filters (including one that censors any word with “■■■” in it, so you can’t say “pass”, “mass”, “grass”, etc . . you get the idea), and this is the funniest by far.

I hope folks who want the option to turn it off get that option, I’m kinda ambivalent about it. At the very least make the fuzzy matching maybe a bit less strict? I get how people could split up swears with spaces but you’re just going to catch too many other sentences that way.


Hah, my example understandably got censored. I’m sure y’all can work it out, though.

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The chat filter is absolute $hit and should be optional so us big boys and girls can turn it off.

What about no restrictions at all ? Like in the old good times ?

Gorb do you still defend relic after DOW3 failure? Sorry but I fought you in DOW3 forums so much haha you always defending relic


Like I said, the option to turn it off for folks who want that would be good.

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Where’s the haha reaction on here?

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Because some of the big world religions do forced marriages which can be very traumatic.

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Why would you ever type that particular word in a game ?

Hahahahaha, yep that about sums it up.

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Why? Because I was telling my buddies that i had to leave for “marriage counseling”.

Do you need a safe space?